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  1. 6 hours ago, rilelaw said:
    On 5/9/2020 at 9:26 PM, HopefulLawyer97 said:


    do you have to do extra hmwk as well (like on ur own time) ? Did you go up in ur score and if so what did u start and end off with ? 

    There’s a lot of homework with HarvardReady. If you do it all, definitely should get over 160. 

  2. 1 hour ago, HuggyBear said:
    17 hours ago, jatthopefullawyer said:


    Depends what your intended use is.

    I'd say it's more than serviceable for reading/writing. I'm coming from having used a 32" TV as a monitor, which was fine.. just a bit fuzzy, so anything smaller than that is going to look better than I'm used to. The screen splitting is a pretty great feature.

    Gaming on the other hand, if you intend to do any? It's not great.

    I only want to use it for word and other school stuff, which is why I think the ultrawide makes sense so it looks good for those uses 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, YesNoToaster said:

    Do you have an idea of what "partially online" or in-person learning activities may look like? For example, McGill's e-mail sounded promising for some level of campus activity.


    I am also interested in this. Western has one small group class in 1L with 20-25 people, so maybe that might be in person? 

  4. 1 hour ago, healthlaw said:

    What does Ottawa curve to? Assuming it’s a B curve and not a B+ curve then you’ll probably get a handful of OCIs 

    I had a question about the Queen's curve. I hear people saying queen's curve is better due to it being B+, does that mean employers look at a B+ more poorly at queens compared to a B+ at Western? 

  5. 24 minutes ago, anj said:


    I’m looking to buy the new MacBook Air as I used the 2015 model all through my undergrad and it worked out really well for me, but as I’m researching what specs would be best, I’m confused as to how much memory on the hard drive I’d need, as well as RAM. The base model comes with 256gb SSD storage and 8gb RAM. 


    I have a 2016 MacBook Pro and the screen broke. Apple stores are closed for a while, so I was planning on getting a MacBook Air too before law school. I have looked into it and if you’re doing the usual stuff that students do (Microsoft office, web browsing, videos), it is the perfect laptop. I am probably going to buy one too if Apple stores do not open before September. You should wait until summer since Apple gives beats for free with the student offer 

  6. 11 minutes ago, beyondsection17 said:


    Honestly I think the most important attribute a law school has is its class size. A small class size helps students get to know one another, helps profs and students develop closer relationships, and helps create a supportive alumni network. I think students are absolutely better off being a part of a smaller class. Western's 1L class is ~175 students, just over half the size of Ottawa's ~310.


    Didn’t Western’s class size increase to 185? Still a small class and I like the small group thing 

  7. 8 minutes ago, Luckycharm said:

    If OCI is OP's main reason to transfer, then I think you should think twice.

    Thanks! Yeah OCIs were the main reason. However, what if OCIs don’t go well? Wouldn’t it still be beneficial to transfer to UFT for the articling recruit? I am just trying to look for any benefits transferring to UFT, however, based on what people are saying, I would be better off staying at Western (which is an awesome school for corporate law either way) Sorry if I am annoying, but I just want to clarify any misconceptions I might have 

  8. I am going to Western this year and was wondering if transferring to UFT (maybe Osgoode) in 2L would be worth it. My goal is to work for on Bay Street like many members on this forum, but I am definitely open to everything as I did not even start law school yet. Western’s OCIs (30%) are pretty good, but not as good as UFT. From my understanding, to be competitive as a transfer student, an average of B+ or higher would be needed. However, a B+ average would also be good enough for OCIs at Western, so wouldn’t transferring be pointless at this point? I have always wanted to go to a prestigious school like UFT, but I do not see the point if Western (which I totally love) can help me with my goals. I also have read about users having a hard time making friends when they transfer, and I hope I can have a close friend group at Western by end of first year , which I definitely would not want to lose as well. 

  9. I was bored in quarantine, so I decided to calculate how much it costed me to get into law school in Ontario. after doing the calculations, it turned out I spent around $5000. this includes everything needed to get into law school, from LSAT fees (test costs $300), LSAT prep (this took up a lot), application fees (I applied to almost every school in Canada). at the end of the day, I am glad I spent all this money as it got me into a dream school of mine (Western). How much did you guys spend (for people who applied more than once add those too!). 


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  10. 5 minutes ago, Imtryin said:

    Your opinion on Ryerson Law seems to be largely shaped by the potential oversaturation in the job/articling market and the lower admission stats that Rye recorded. I sense two concerns of yours: first, you seem to be concerned about the added competition. And second, you probably worked your butt off to get in to a decent school, then you watched a new school open and admit students with lower stats than your own and it probably frustrated you. 

    Given these pre-concieved opinions on Ryerson Law, I would suggest that your opinion on the matter has limited relevance to someone entering law school.

    Just my opinion. 

    I highly doubt that anyone at Queens/Western/Osgoode/UfT will worry about competition with ryerson students, over 90% of the class has articling positions lined up at the end of 3L at these schools, which is a lot more that can be said than ryerson 

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  11. Is it possible to open a SLOC in 2L? I do not need one for 1L and have heard it is bad for your credit score to have an open LOC without using it. I most likely do not need it for 2L, but just want it there for emergencies 

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