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  1. 5 minutes ago, Noxap said:

    Our application assessment is complete, and we have reconciled the tuition deposits we received.  At this time we are not able to issue more offers of admission, and will be processing the wait list and denial decisions in the coming weeks.  All decision letters are issued to your RAMSS Communications, and offers are posted to OLSAS as well.

    ryerson had their class filled before April 1? that's surprising. 

  2. I started studying for the LSAT with 7sage and it gave me a good foundation. however, I think harvardready is what pushed me to the score I needed to get accepted. the 7sage guy talks like a robot and yoni at harvardready explained everything in a laid back kind of way that made sense, so I would probably go to harvardready. 


  3. personally I do not think you need that much time to go over your personal statements. I was busy studying for the LSAT in the summer the year I applied for law school and did not even start personal statements until October. I don't think it would change anything if I started earlier, but I would probably start in September if I was not so busy studying with school and the LSAT. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, DavisFromCornerGas said:


    Ah, LoC woes.  Fun fact: I was rejected for Scotiabank's Professional LoC in second year and thought my life was over.  I cried my eyes out, then stumbled into a bar at 3 in the afternoon and knocked back tequila shots, several of which were free because the bartenders took such pity on me when they asked me why I was getting smashed at 3 in the afternoon and I poured out my sad tale.  Fun times.


    Not sure what school you go to OP, but hopefully I can also help calm your anxiety a little.  I went to U of T Law, and our Scotiabank representative was (and still is, according to the above updated list) Lynne Owen.  After I sobered up, my school's financial aid advisor suggested I contact her, and she met with me in person to go over every single part of my Equifax printout.  She turned cartwheels to find a way to get me the LoC despite my less-than-stellar credit.  She can't work miracles if your credit history is really shaky, but it doesn't sound like yours is at all.


    So you can apply for a LOC in 2L? If so is the limit lower or the same?  I don’t need it in 1L and might not need it after, but want to make sure the door is open in 2L. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Darjeeling said:

    BMSc at University of Western

    on a side note, you got a 3.99 gpa in medical sciences at Western? that's impressive, I would also write the MCAT if I were you since it should not be that hard if you can get a GPA like that in that program. you can probably get into med school too if your MCAT is good enough good luck and all the best! 

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  6. I was looking at the Western Facebook group for off campus housing and off campus housing looks significantly cheaper compared to residence. London Hall is 9800 for the 8 months, whereas you can probably find a decent room in an apartment for around $700 a month (5600). I know prices are a bit cheaper because undergrad students are trying to give away their leases since most undergrad classes are going online. However, I was leaning towards residence because if the coronavirus situation gets worse, Western is going to refund the residence money if campus closes. If I sign off campus, I would still have to pay for months that I might not potentially live in the apartment. So I guess my question to fellow Western students is: are you living off campus or on campus given this info? I was leaning towards residence as well since other 1Ls might also be living there (apparently law students live on the same floor) 

  7. I am in a similar situation as you, but another Ontario school. I want to participate in ECs (clinics, moots) but want to stay at home with my family too. it's a tough situation, but I am leaning towards moving and sacrificing my quality of life to have a successful 1L. I'm guessing there would be upper years to help us understand law school too if you move, so there is that I cannot imagine trying to do law school the first semester alone. if I was in second or 3 year, I would definitely do it online 

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  8. 5 minutes ago, liluzi said:

    Where did you apply? When I click on the offer of admission page it says "Western Law is implementing a need-based bursary program for incoming students who have been adversely impacted financially by the COVID-19 situation.  Details will be available in June" under the bursary section. I assumed we couldn't apply yet. 

    I applied here 


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