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  1. 51 minutes ago, TobyFlenderson said:

    If you buy new (I did, a lot of people find that to be an unnecessary expense but I didn't want an older edition or a copy with highlighting/notes already in it), probably $170-200 per book (and likely one book per class).

    Does legal research/writing have a textbook? If you include corporate in winter, that means 6 books. Would first year books cost approximately $1200 then? 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Sambo1261 said:

    What? No schools have their app deadlines in november and often people apply with grades from their first sem of their fourth year.

    Every school in Ontario has a deadline of November 1. 

    November 1, 2019 (11:59 pm ET)

    • Deadline for applications to first-year English programs.
    • Deadline for OLSAS to receive transcripts and references for first-year English applications.



  3. I was in a similar situation last year and I thought my gpa was not so high. I was actually considering England as you are Luckily, I found this forum, that helped me realize my GPA was good enough. I applied to Canadian schools and got into several all over Canada. I would advise you to look at the admission policies of the schools you’re interested in, some schools look at the last 2 years, which are often higher for most undergrads. Some schools drop credits. Some schools look at best 2 years. Do your research and take advantage of the admission policies of the schools that benefit you and your situation !

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  4. It seems as though your issue is with logic games. with recent tests, there has been a game that has thrown people off, trust me, it screwed me up too. when I was studying, I did the hardest logic games in the history of the test and it helped me develop sort of a routine on how to take on the games. Don't just do the games once. Do them again and again until you can finish them in a sufficient period of time. I always finished the easy games in 5 minutes, but the harder games would take 10 minutes. That is why timing is a major thing you should focus on. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, GrumpyMountie said:

    Hiya Jatt,

    It is divided into three chunks, and you get the second and third chunks released by forwarding a confirmation of enrolment type of document each year.

    The chunk for each year becomes available at the start of each year, but the chunks are not quite equal. I believe it's something like $42K, $42K, and then $51K in the final year. It was explained to me that the larger chunk in the final year is to reflect additional costs at the end of the final year and beginning of articling.

    Please note that all of the above is just based on my memory of a recent phone call with the Scotiabank rep here in Victoria; I don't have any of this on paper in front of me. :)

    Hi GM! 

    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. it's been a while since I have seen you post, but I remember seeing you post daily back when the admission cycle started. it's nice to see that we are both going to law school. congrats! 


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  6. 3 hours ago, MRLindley said:

    Yes, they had some issues about not having my letter of good standing for the past two days, which they did seem to have in the end.

    So I went up for review on Thursday and not Tuesday, and was rejected the same day. I think they may have already filled up all of the spots. As they were "extremely limited".

    I am really unsure why I was rejected given my stats. They may be favoring Undergrad marks due to COVID-19 and pass/fail being a thing this year. Honestly I dont know.

    you got rejected from UFT with a 3.92 1L GPA? That is unbelievable 

  7. 11 minutes ago, Trew said:

    English isn't his first language. Go take an LSAT in German and report back with your results.

    OP claims the following; 

    'work as an English Instructor and last year i have been recognized with the national award of teaching excellence in English language. Additionally, i was awarded with fulbright scholarship to UPenn, USA and Canadina university departmental scholarship in Ottawa in the past. Furthermore, i am the founder of a not-for-organization which is serving immigrants and refugees in Canada.' 

    I can assure you that if I was a German instructor and won German teaching awards, I would get an LSAT score significantly higher than 130 as a diagnostic. 



  8. if you got a 130, that means you got around 25 questions right (varies with the scale but it is around there). if you got 75 questions wrong, that means you are doing something very wrong. most people have a relatively average diagnostic, like a 150 (mine was around there). this means they don't have to do as much work to get a 160+. however, with a LSAT score of 130, that means you need to fundamentally change how you do things, reading the passages, analyzing arguments, mapping out LG games, patterns, etc. you should look into LSAT tutors and start studying ASAP for next year. 

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  9. Although it is important to read fast, I do not think it always helps. I found I did better when I slowed down, connected with the passage and was genuinely interested in it. I also tried doing the first 2 passages within the first 15 minutes, then took my time on the last 2 as they are harder. Timing is really important in RC and you should be spending most of your time in the passage 

  10. Will 1Ls have the opportunity to join clinics this year? from previous posts, it seems that there is about forty spots for 1Ls in clinics and everyone applies. could COVID reduce spots and make it harder to join a clinic? (mainly interested in the business law clinic). 

  11. As someone who is starting law school this September, I have to ask, is this something that commonly occurs in the top four Ontario schools (Queens, Osgoode, UFT, Western)? All these four schools say that more than 90% of students get articling after graduating, so is there really a need to worry if you get decent grades and participate in ECs? Are the statistics skewed in their favour? I just do not want to drop over 100k, 7 years of school and end up having no job. 


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  12. 37 minutes ago, VitalGiraffe said:

    How much individual time does each student get with Yoni?

    I took the class, so he was teaching everyone. he was always available after class to talk (the other instructors were great too). if you are interested in one on one time, you should get private tutoring 

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