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  1. 13 minutes ago, capitalttruth said:

    It's only February, but having been through this process twice before, despite continually improving my application, I usually expect the worst.

    yeah I have been looking at old admission threads and its depressing. I am considering rewriting LSAT to improve my application next year but I don't think it's worth doing it if I can go to law school to a less prestigious school this year. Hoping for the best (Ottawa) and preparing for the worst (Manitoba) the waitlist threads from last year look horrible, hopefully we can all get in before that happens :) 

  2. 3 minutes ago, GrumpyMountie said:

    I received an offer today. Because I am a mature applicant, though, I don't know whether or not that means the rest of you should get your hopes up today. It may be the case that they were just dealing with a pile of us old fogies today, so that we would stop calling them and go back to watching Matlock. ;)


    PS My phone insisted on auto-correcting both "fogies" and "Matlock" , thus sort of proving my point! 


    Hey GM! I remember you posting about not receiving an offer earlier, did you end up calling them about your situation, maybe that helped speed up the process. 

  3. Did anyone talk to Ottawa admissions about any updates on acceptances? The process seems a little bit slow this year compared to last year's thread. There are less acceptances compared to before. I know lots of other people on this thread are waiting on an acceptance from Ottawa too. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Husns said:

    Thank you all for your comments. I definitely overreacted in a moment of stress but I think many of us go through this. I'm happy to have scored a 163 on the January LSAT. I'm happy I took it again because several schools are now a possibility for me. 

    this kind of gives some motivation to me. I scored 157 two times and am considering writing again, but not sure if it's worth the gap year since I can get into some schools.

    the hardest part of taking on the LSAT for me and many others is the test day nerves. I PT at 160-165 and somehow only score 157 on the real day 

    congrats on the 163! that's a killer score.

  5. 17 minutes ago, albertabean said:

    Or you could delay your studies by one year and improve your LSAT if law school is THAT important to you. 


    is delaying your studies worth it to go to a top tier school like UfT instead of going to somewhere like UNB or Manitoba? a lot of people on this forum don't think so and you seem to agree, I am looking to work in Toronto after. I think this would apply to the poster as well, if going to a lower ranked school makes sense instead of taking the LSAT again (I don't think I could do that again).... 

    also I realize that it makes sense to go to UfT if you want to work on Bay Street, but what about ordinary jobs like a family lawyer? I think it costs a lot to take a gap year (opportunity cost of working and wasted time). 

  6. 1 minute ago, curiouslegal said:

    This happened to me last cycle. Uploading a new reference letter will not 'overwrite' your other references in OLSAS. That said - schools like Western which read two reference letters at random (if you upload more than 2), may end up reading this new reference letter you upload.


    P.s We're still very early in the cycle comparatively...acceptances are sent out all the way until June in some cases. Don't fret.

    thanks! how long did you take to send the reference in? I think it may take my reference a week or two, is that too long? 

  7. I got a email from Windsor about why my file is still incomplete, I actually sent in 2 academic references and Windsor wants a non-academic reference. anyone else in the same situation? they said I still have time to send in the reference as well. 


    I am also worried that if I send in another reference, it will overwrite one of my other two references when it gets sent to other schools. it is late in the cycle, I am assuming law schools do not take reference letters this far into the cycle? I want other schools to look at my academic references instead. 

  8. I wrote November 2019 and got 157. I got 157 in January 2020. Does this look bad for applications? I guess admissions will know I can only get a 157, but how does it look from admissions knowing that you didn't get a higher score when you wrote the LSAT again? I am worried they might think I studied and did not improve. Does this have any bad effects that I should be knowing about? 

    3.53 GPA  3.63 L2 and 157 LSAT, and applied to Ontario schools (Ottawa is my number one school) 



  9. I'm not sure about the answer, but there's no point in checking every 5 mins whether you got accepted. just have a set time to check the schools you applied to everyday and check your email every couple of hours. it's mentally draining to keep looking for an acceptance that might not be there. you have already done everything you can, now sit back and wait, I wish you the best in your applications 

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  10. 40 minutes ago, ProfReader said:

    Looking at the file holistically, if there are errors throughout (not one, not two, but however many), it will affect my ranking. I would care the least about the writing sample being a mess, but there is still a point at which the errors become too numerous to just discount (mostly in conjunction with errors elsewhere in the file). I definitely don't "review it for typos". I would say that I skim it and if there are several of them, they stand out out. Obviously an excellent GPA and LSAT will overcome a lot, but the sloppiness overall is getting a bit out of hand in my opinion (especially in personal statements).

    Do you think admissions will change how they look at the writing sample? it used to be hand written and I heard admissions didn't take it seriously before because of sloppy hand writing (it's hard to write after the LSAT for obvious reasons), but since the new LSAT you are forced to type the LSAT writing electronically. Will this change how admissions looks at the writing sample? 

  11. 21 minutes ago, Lawstudent97 said:

    Regardless of whether it’s allowed/legal, the prime interest rate is what, 4.95%? You would have to have at least a 5% annual return to just break even... sounds like a losing battle to me 

    I mean if you went with a risky mutual fund portfolio last year you could've easily gotten 15%, but it isn't guaranteed. you could lose money too but yeah good advice is to stay away from losing money you don't have 

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  12. Just now, stressball said:

    oh man you're talking about the video interview, I was thinking of the OLSAS app. I talked about the necessity of having a solid background in technology in a changing field and how I believe in the importance of a skill like coding- I honestly have no background in coding so I approached it from a different angle

    I'm not talking about the interview. go on the Ryerson website and look at ps requirements. there is a part about technology 

  13. 6 minutes ago, stressball said:

    I think my hypothetical scenario answer was pretty solid- it was well structured and I explained myself well. I have a background in human rights and I come from a minority group so I talked a lot about the importance of representation within the justice system and human rights in canada. I don't have much of a background in tech so I mainly focused my application on equity, diversity, inclusion, social justice etc.. 

    doesn't the application ask you to talk about your comfort with tech and Ryerson's coding bootcamp? i thought it was important to let the school know how you fit in and would be an asset to their bootcamp, it was one of the questions. for those accepted, did you let Ryerson know you would be a good fit for this program? 

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