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  1. Does going to Calgary mean that you have literally no shot at articling in Ontario? I think most Calgary students are not interested and most of them work in Calgary/Vancouver. However, is working in the GTA (if big law does not work out) articling an option? I see a lot of foreign graduates working in Ontario (England articling students) so I don't see how Calgary grads can't work in Ontario 

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  2. Does accepting out of province offers to law school affect Ontario admissions? I don't want my out of province law school acceptance to negatively impact me for my Ontario law school applications. out of province schools do not have provisional acceptances and I want to accept the offer in case I do not get accepted anywhere else. 


    I am worried schools might think it is a firm acceptance since I have to put a deposit down. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, Marlies94 said:

    I know 155 LSAT is not very competitive, but I can't do anything about that now since January is the last score taken for this admissions cycle. My LSAT is by far the weakest point of my application besides cGPA, but I guess I shouldn't worry too much about my cGPA since my L2/B2 is competitive. 

    did you only apply Ontario? I don't think you have good chance at queens and western but out of province you definitely do. 

  4. 22 minutes ago, Jaggers said:

    My retirement plan is to sell my Toronto real estate, move somewhere cheaper and live off the difference. Bulletproof plan, right?!?

    Prices in toronto right now are 1000 sq ft. if prices go up in 10-15 years to 2000 sq ft its looking like you'll have a nice retirement 


  5. I noticed a lot of people have multiple offers from Ontario schools and are weighing their options, but when they have to make a decision by April 1, will there be a big round of offers by then? I am talking about Ontario schools. Is there a lot of movement in schools after April 1? how filled are the classes (mainly interested in Ottawa) by the April 1 date thanks! 

  6. 1 minute ago, LegallyFakeBlonde said:

    Mine still said "under evaluation" but the date changed to February 19th so the status of my account didn't change, just the date. I was accepted a few hours later so it could've been that they updated my profile on their side and didn't release my acceptance until a few hours later? I'm really not sure. I already had an LSAT on file so I'm not sure if this is helpful at all, just sharing what I experienced

    I am assuming the date on your uozone updated for your acceptance, probably not LSAT. 

  7. Just now, penguinh said:

    It doesn't. It will still be "Under Evaluation". There's no other status. 

    The other poster said her date got updated to February 19 for under evaluation since she wrote the January LSAT. On my uozone it still says November 25 despite writing the January LSAT so that is what I am wondering about. is the date on uozone supposed to be updated when they get a new LSAT (this is for people who wrote multiple LSATs) 

  8. 7 minutes ago, LegallyFakeBlonde said:

    Mine said "under evaluation" from the time I set my account up until last night and had said it was updated sometime mid November. Yesterday I checked it around lunch time and it said the same thing but it said updated February 19 (I wrote the January LSAT so I just assumed they were updating my score). I checked a few hours later and it was changed to "admitted" 


    I did not know uozone is supposed to be updated after a new LSAT. I wrote January LSAT too but my page was not updated, maybe they are still getting everyone's updated 

  9. 10 minutes ago, Turtles said:

    I asked Ryerson Law a fairly generic question about a process and they've spent a week handing off my question to 3 different people (so far) like a hot potato. Still waiting on an answer. They seem nice but it's making me wonder how bad the bureaucracy will be if I were to accept the offer.  

    what's the question? 

  10. 1 minute ago, albertabean said:

    I’m not saying that they are, just that people always pull gender studies out of the hat as an example of a “bird degree.” I don’t think most people doing that have ever set foot in a gender studies classroom. It’s just an tired, inaccurate stereotype.

    But also, if someone doesn’t think they can get a decent GPA in engineering and they know that they want to go on and do law, it might have been wise to evaluate their choice of program. Same goes for any degree program really if your end goal is law and you’re not achieving the grades you need to be admitted. 

    I definitely agree with you. engineering is not the best choice for an undergrad if you want to go to law. from my experience I found my arts courses (Human Resources, legal studies, economics) bird courses. they require much less work and effort (maybe 10 hours a semester and I still got 90s) compared to organic chemistry, where you will have to spend maybe 100 hours and may not end with even a 80. this was my experience though so it may vary. However I do think if I did an arts degree instead of a STEM I would have a 3.9+. a lot of people like me chose STEM because it opened up your options more and you were not limited with an arts degree which you can't do a lot with  

  11. 1 hour ago, Calgarylaw2 said:

    I understand the upset when many degrees have much higher averages then math or biochemistry, but if your not able to be the top if your class in what you find interesting why do you think you would have been the top of the class in gender studies (or any degree that you perceive to be easier?) 


    I'm not defending anyone, but if you think an engineering degree is as easy to get a 4.0 GPA in as a Human Resources or arts degree then you are wrong. try getting a 4.0 in engineering at Waterloo. not every undergrad is the same  

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  12. 22 minutes ago, aj1996 said:

    ’m a 2L student at an Ontario school. Recently, I’ve started to develop extreme anxiety about not finding an articling position. Like every other law student, I’ve heard lots about the articling crisis since coming to law school. Until now I’ve tried not to focus on it so I could take law school one step at a time. As I get closer to 3L and graduation, though, reality is sinking in and I haven’t been able to shake the fear that I won’t be successful.

    For some background, I have pretty average marks (overall B average with mostly Bs and B+s, with a few Cs/C+ and a couple As). I have decent extracurriculars, an internship and research experience. I don’t have firm experience or a 2L job lined up as of right now. I have a few areas of law that interest me, but nothing I feel super strongly about yet. I just don’t really feel like there’s anything that makes me stand out among every other law student. And, like many law students, I took on debt to pay for school and am concerned about what will happen to me financially if I don’t find a position.

    I deal with anxiety in general, but lately it’s been compounded by this overwhelming fear of not finding articling. I know worrying and feeling anxious isn’t productive or doing me any favours. And to be clear, I’m not posting this for sympathy or affirmation. I’d really like to hear the perspective of others who may feel this way or have felt this in the past, and how you managed the fear of not finding articling or jobs.

    What school do you go to? I am interested in knowing since I am an applicant and this might potentially be me in a few years. 

  13. 2 minutes ago, GrumpyMountie said:

    You're not wrong to want to stay in Province, but U of M is a great place and, if necessary,  it is possible to learn to love Winnipeg! So don't worry too much about the "worst case" !


    I'm not worried about the school, it actually sounds really good based on the research I have done. I am just worried about articling prospects in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario. as people on this thread say go to school where you want to practice 

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