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  1. Damn that makes sense then. I thought my average was low. why does UBC convert my grades so high? I didn't expect a 84% average with drops. I just need a 163 on lsat and im apparently accepted...
  2. How do you calculate GPA? I'm in an Ontario school and my OLSAS is 3.5 CGPA I used the website where you put your grades and calculate but it seems kind of irregular. I have a 81% without drops, how could that make sense? I don't think the calculator is right or something
  3. Your stats are super good law student. surprised reference letters make that big of a difference (thought they were a soft factor)
  4. Use chrome. doesn't work in particular ones
  5. Thanks! Trying to get into Ontario schools tho, this is a good backup! hopefully Ottawa or queens
  6. I would argue that everyone is different. you seem pretty smart already with 156. it took me a lot of time to get to the score, so theoretically you should be able to get to a 165 with studying. practice tests are definitely the best way to study. you should build up your foundation before tho.
  7. Thanks GM!!! When I convert my GPA, I get 4.25/4.5. My index is 76+ so I am assuming I have high chances of acceptance. the 8 course drops really helps my GPA !!!!
  8. Can anyone confirm a half credit course is worth 3 hours at Manitoba? if I have 35 courses done, I have 105 credits. So 8 courses dropped, which bumps up my GPA to a 3.8/4. WICKED! just need someone to confirm if its true or if I am dreaming. I have 160 on lsat too so would I get accepted?
  9. I agree GM I am applying for general for everything so I will only include for Ryerson.
  10. I have the same problem as you. When I pt , I think about how bad I want to go to law school. Just think about your goals and why the LSAT is a step towards your goal of law school admissions.
  11. dude try your best for canadian first. I was like you too, but I am getting ready for the lsat now and getting apps ready for canadian schools. job prospects aren't good for uk students. you should wait a year and try lsat
  12. Are you guys uploading your resume for Ontario applications? I'm not sure if we are supposed to upload.
  13. definitely a lot of school for a law degree. 4+4 + 3 = 11 years of school you can probably get in somewhere if you end up killing the lsat....
  14. Thank you for the detailed response. I know the bar asks for academic integrity down the road, and I will definitely be honest there to show my good character, but I don't see anything on my Ontario law school application for all schools about plagiarism. I am finishing up the personal statements and have not been asked about plagiarism at all. did anyone applying this year for Ontario get asked about plagiarism? Another question I have- does one plagiarism incident in undergrad prevent someone from entering the bar? this is assuming they have graduated law school and they are honest and show how they have changed from their mistake.
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