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  1. you should be provisionally accepting western and that will let Osgoode to keep considering you
  2. do you have compassionate grounds for transfer? are your 1L grades good?
  3. I have similar stats (3.52 157) hopefully I can post the same thing. you have a phd though and I am a 4th year undergrad, so you definitely have higher chances than me
  4. Does going to Calgary mean that you have literally no shot at articling in Ontario? I think most Calgary students are not interested and most of them work in Calgary/Vancouver. However, is working in the GTA (if big law does not work out) articling an option? I see a lot of foreign graduates working in Ontario (England articling students) so I don't see how Calgary grads can't work in Ontario
  5. Does accepting out of province offers to law school affect Ontario admissions? I don't want my out of province law school acceptance to negatively impact me for my Ontario law school applications. out of province schools do not have provisional acceptances and I want to accept the offer in case I do not get accepted anywhere else. I am worried schools might think it is a firm acceptance since I have to put a deposit down.
  6. did you only apply Ontario? I don't think you have good chance at queens and western but out of province you definitely do.
  7. I would be more worried about the LSAT you can make up for GPA at L2 schools.
  8. Prices in toronto right now are 1000 sq ft. if prices go up in 10-15 years to 2000 sq ft its looking like you'll have a nice retirement
  9. I am guessing 900, hopefully I am one of those!
  10. I noticed a lot of people have multiple offers from Ontario schools and are weighing their options, but when they have to make a decision by April 1, will there be a big round of offers by then? I am talking about Ontario schools. Is there a lot of movement in schools after April 1? how filled are the classes (mainly interested in Ottawa) by the April 1 date thanks!
  11. I am assuming the date on your uozone updated for your acceptance, probably not LSAT.
  12. The other poster said her date got updated to February 19 for under evaluation since she wrote the January LSAT. On my uozone it still says November 25 despite writing the January LSAT so that is what I am wondering about. is the date on uozone supposed to be updated when they get a new LSAT (this is for people who wrote multiple LSATs)
  13. I did not know uozone is supposed to be updated after a new LSAT. I wrote January LSAT too but my page was not updated, maybe they are still getting everyone's updated
  14. I didn't know a lot of older people actually went to law school, I'm only 21
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