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  1. I am in a similar situation as you, but another Ontario school. I want to participate in ECs (clinics, moots) but want to stay at home with my family too. it's a tough situation, but I am leaning towards moving and sacrificing my quality of life to have a successful 1L. I'm guessing there would be upper years to help us understand law school too if you move, so there is that I cannot imagine trying to do law school the first semester alone. if I was in second or 3 year, I would definitely do it online
  2. the funny part is I just got a response back. you guys think Western is on these forums? should just post here instead of emailing
  3. I applied here https://studentservices.uwo.ca/secure/admissionBursaries/
  4. Has anyone submitted a bursary application at Western and got a response back yet? I submitted mine over 2 weeks ago and still have not gotten back a response. I thought the timelines were expedited for accepted students.
  5. A related question: how hard is it to be an above average law student and get a B+ average in 1L? What extra work is needed compared to the average law student? Thanks
  6. From what I remember, UFT uses best 3 years (fall and winter semesters only) so calculate using that since you have spring semester in the avg.
  7. do you have to do extra hmwk as well (like on ur own time) ? Did you go up in ur score and if so what did u start and end off with ? There’s a lot of homework with HarvardReady. If you do it all, definitely should get over 160.
  8. What about your LSAT writing sample? If you have poor writing skills and your writing sample has mistakes and ps is good, that is a big problem I think
  9. Depends what your intended use is. I'd say it's more than serviceable for reading/writing. I'm coming from having used a 32" TV as a monitor, which was fine.. just a bit fuzzy, so anything smaller than that is going to look better than I'm used to. The screen splitting is a pretty great feature. Gaming on the other hand, if you intend to do any? It's not great. I only want to use it for word and other school stuff, which is why I think the ultrawide makes sense so it looks good for those uses
  10. Can anyone post a grade distribution for Western? I cannot find anything
  11. I am also interested in this. Western has one small group class in 1L with 20-25 people, so maybe that might be in person?
  12. I had a question about the Queen's curve. I hear people saying queen's curve is better due to it being B+, does that mean employers look at a B+ more poorly at queens compared to a B+ at Western?
  13. I just bought this one. looks like a good deal, what do you guys think? https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/lg-29-ultrawide-fhd-75hz-5ms-gtg-ips-led-freesync-gaming-monitor-29wl500-b-black/13618806
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