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  1. in Ontario the deadline is Nov 1 for the application due, but you can write the LSAT in January. your application gets considered afterwards when the schools get your score.
  2. I'd be interested in knowing. I was honestly thinking about leaving halfway through the test but I knew it would be a waste of $300. even though you seem quite the genius I would be surprised if you got perfect on that.
  3. 7sage. they literally changed my LSAT score. I got -1 in LG on the real day and they are to thank for it. I basically just did every hard game in LG. Try PT 88 games if you want to have some 'fun'. The key to LG is time. so practice, practice and practice more. I actually enjoyed LG after I got my timing perfected
  4. I really like this. The advice I posted suggests the end of the week should be used to clean up your notes as well, so I am guessing that is very important. It's also a great idea to take Saturday's off. I am assuming Saturday's were used for studying a few weeks closer to exams
  5. I concur. it is going to be interesting to see how inflated LSAT scores are this year
  6. I just finished Getting to Maybe so I started researching some study strategies and came across this https://supremeadvocacy.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Study-System.pdf While I recognize that everyone learns in different ways and there is not one strategy that is successful, is this a good routine in general to follow? By making weekly summaries, it kind of forces you to know what happens every week and it would be great to make my own summaries too. I have also read on this forum that students who make their own summaries often do better so that's why I kind of like this idea. Also open to other study strategies that worked thanks!
  7. can they actually reduce LOC limits? (assuming regular payment and a good credit score) they have the right to decrease credit card limits, but can they actually reduce your LOC? One of the reasons I actually went to Scotia over the others was that they were offering more money.
  8. The number of courses does not matter if you meet the minimum number they want. It's just the best two years, whether that is 8 courses or 10.
  9. Ontario schools require OLSAS, which allows the reference letters for all schools applied in Ontario to be sent from one place. There's also a questionnaire that has to be filled out. The other schools that require reference letters (Dal, TRU) are straightforward, the reference letters can be emailed for the majority of the schools directly from the person writing the reference letter. Calgary is similar to OLSAS. I am not sure about how McGill does theirs.
  10. What are some "nice" watches under 1500? A watch that I could wear to networking events, OCIs, interviews, etc. I was looking at Tissot but not sure if that's nice enough. don't want to get anything super expensive until I graduate.
  11. The proposal you are making would be unfair to law students not only at Ottawa, but every other school. It would be bad for the legal market to increase the number of seats and articling would be even harder to secure than it is already.
  12. thanks for the info everyone. after seeing all the positives about the amex its kind of hard to say no so I am going to get both. the AMEX has a better rewards program and I would probably just get that card only if more stores accepted it.
  13. that's weird. my rep emailed me the following options: Visa and or Amex Card $10,000 Limit Your choice of: No Fee Momentum Visa, No Fee ScotiaGold Passport Visa Card or No Fee Gold American Express Card or your choice of 2 cards at a limit of $5000 each That card is definitely better. I will contact my rep to see if I can get that
  14. law schools definitely will not care about if you wrote it normally or flex test. however, I do question if the flex is easier. Personally I think scores are going to be inflated this year because writing the test at home allows people to overcome two barriers; test-day anxiety (writing at home is much better) and having less sections (more focused, I usually struggled in the 5th section). It might mean you need a higher score to get into law school next year, but your 170 is definitely good. a 170 is a 170. with a decent GPA, a 170 gets you in everywhere in Canada. that score means you are technically eligible to be an LSAT tutor.... at least at Kaplan.
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