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  1. @jklee1987 @TheColourGreen congratulations. i'll be staying at uOttawa. GL
  2. @Extrafries yes, last year. Was never on the waitlist, just under evaluation the whole time. By the way, check your OLSAS as well because uO claimed they had sent my admissions email but I never got it, so follow up w/ them
  3. Last year. I was under evaluation.
  4. I didn't get accepted until early to late August, so keep hope
  5. @BlockedQuebecois I have a B average and hid one grade. I'm leaning towards declining the joint placement offer. Thanks for the advice.
  6. As the title suggests, do you think doing a joint placement is worth it for the fall semester or should I focus solely on 2L grades? My priorities are the OCI's and landing a spot in Toronto (not opposed to Ottawa though). Would this experience bolster my credentials for the OCI's? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  7. Good luck. Just know that taking a year off studying for the LSAT is not a wasted year, but going to the UK and coming back, taking the NCA exams, and looking for articling is several wasted years.
  8. You'd be better off spending the 2 years you'll be studying law in the UK for the LSAT. In fact, If you are (I'm assuming) in your mid 20's, you're better of studying 5 years until you hit 30 studying for the LSAT if that means getting into a Canadian school. I'm not sure by what you mean "don't be negative". That's the reality...Unless you wanted ppl here to say you are making the right decision. I was in your shoes only a few years ago. Decided against the UK, decided to hunker down and study for the LSAT like a madman, and it paid off. And what difference would going to uWaterloo have made if you want to be a lawyer anyways? You're better off spending that money on LSAT prep and law school tuition. If you are OK with being viewed as a foreign trained lawyer, are OK with an uphill battle and uncertainty once you come back to CA, and are OK with not working at a prestigious firm or the firm of your choice, then go to the UK. Otherwise, stay in CA and work your ass off for the LSAT. Tldr; don't go to the UK, going to uWaterloo would not have made a difference if you want to be a lawyer, study your ass off for the LSAT to offshoot your terrible GPA (which you should give us so we can help you further).
  9. Take it 101%. He knows how to deliver results.
  10. Hi, Did any upper-year students who applied to transfer to Queen's hear back as of yet? Any others still waiting like me? Thanks.
  11. Did any upper-year transfer students who applied hear back as of yet?
  12. @Crown i thought about that too but Property is a one semester course and I would have taken the S if I had the option. Thanks for the encouragement. If you had told me in November, when I was going through a rough patch that I would finish with these grades, I'd take them no question. Take care.
  13. Thanks @Luckycharm @MansfieldCJ @easttowest @SpecterH
  14. Hey all. Just finished my 1L at uOttawa. Would really appreciate some feedback on my grades. Crim: B+ Contracts: B+ Dispute Resolution: B+ Legal Research: B Property: C+ Pub Con: B Thematic: B+ Torts: S (Got a C, but took the S instead) ^^Ottawa does not have a B- .The grading scheme goes straight from a B to C+. Shitty about property because I actually got a B and got curved down. Torts, I just could not wrap my head around, despite putting SOLID effort into the class. But 1st semester of 1L hit me like a ton of bricks (which might explain my Property) grade. It was hard enough just adjusting to law school (especially with a history of anxiety), let alone putting my best foot forward in class. But anyways, what are everyones thoughts? Thank you.
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