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  1. No clue but it'll probably resume to how it was pre-covid
  2. Exactly. It's a double whammy to those who didn't land: not only does it remind them of that fact, but then they have to read that others landed, which is a double blow. I won't do it and I recommend others don't as well. It's all about humility and gratitude
  3. I haven't heard anything either. I'm sure it'll come today.
  4. Anyone know what number Gowling will be using on call day? Thanks!
  5. Anyone know Gowling's number/the number that would come up?
  6. @swampy77 i know one person got an ITC for Dickinson from uOttawa..I'm still waiting on DR (from uOttawa).
  7. DW are still doing OCI's and haven't made a decision, as per an email.
  8. @jklee1987 @TheColourGreen congratulations. i'll be staying at uOttawa. GL
  9. @Extrafries yes, last year. Was never on the waitlist, just under evaluation the whole time. By the way, check your OLSAS as well because uO claimed they had sent my admissions email but I never got it, so follow up w/ them
  10. Last year. I was under evaluation.
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