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  1. Meet with a financial advisor. Generally speaking, a financial advisor will be able to determine the likelihood of acceptance with and without cosigners before submitting the credit application; a financial advisor will advise you as to what you should do. Again, generally speaking, there is nothing stopping you from reapplying with a co-signer if you are initially rejected for a PSLOC.
  2. This is the only field I ever have made any money in and I definitely don't want to make a career out of it. I think OP has a point and a lot of privilege.
  3. I got a 150 diagnostic and scored a 160. Best PT was mid 160s... can't remember best PT.
  4. I just moved to Strathcona, about 12 blocks east of the Law building and I really like it so far!
  5. UofA is blended, but mostly online. I wish it was all in person.
  6. For example, You would be above the 75th percentile in GPA and LSAT at Irvine which would put you in the running for a full-ride. Also, you could negotiate your scholarship there which is something that is not commonly done in Canada. If you want to see GPA and LSAT breakdowns for any ABA accredited school as well as scholarship disbursement information check out http://abarequireddisclosures.org/Disclosure509.aspx
  7. Canada is much different than the USA when it comes to scholarships. Merit based scholarships are much less common and most scholarships have a significant financial need component. Also, Canadian schools usually don't let you know if you can afford law school until the first semester is already underway (scholarship decisions are usually made during the first term). Are you sure you want to move to Canada? You could get a full-ride plus stipend to a very good school in the USA.
  8. If you know someone who is a Financial Advisor or higher (at TD anyway) you can ask them to use something called "A Rate Exception Tool" which can get you the same or better rates and packages than medical students.
  9. I like watches and I’m a huge Seiko fanboy. Can’t really go wrong even with non-Japanese movements now.
  10. Thanks! What is the price I’d have to pay to buy something decent in Edmonton? I’m coming from a totally different line of work and I don’t know how much these things cost. My budget is pretty flexible. Would 1k do it or would Seattle or Suit Supply still be my best bet? I want to get something of good quality which will last.
  11. Hi, I want to buy some new professional clothing. Where is the best place in Edmonton to buy suits with a budget of ~$250-$500 per suit. Thanks in advance for the recommendations!
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