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  1. Ain't nobody got time for that during final exams.
  2. I wrote a letter to the faculty expressing much of this sentiment re affordability. I got waitlisted at UBC, did not apply to TRU, did not apply at UVIC. If Alberta was not so affordable I probably would have tried for TRU or UVIC or reapplied for UBC.
  3. I liked Nathan Fox's books. They emphasize learning the concepts which underly the questions. I found deliberate practice of question types increased my score more quickly than unfocused repetition of many question types.
  4. Maybe foreign trained lawyers looking for an in?
  5. One o'clock, Wallow in self pity Four thirty, Stare into the abyss Five o'clock, Solve world hunger; Tell no one Five thirty, Jazz-ercise Six thirty, dinner with me. I can't cancel that again! Seven o'clock, wrestle with my self-loathing...
  6. My index was a 91.5 or 91.6 last year. I think I was about 40th-60th on the waitlist when it got ranked. I withdrew my app and committed to UofA as there wasn't much movement on the waitlist last year.
  7. Current UofA Law student here. The Vice-Dean sent an email out last week that they are "planning for a return to a greater amount of in person teaching for the Fall 2021 Term at the Faculty of Law." Course registration has been pushed back until May so that they can decide just how in-person next year will be.
  8. Hoping to get an email like this from the UofA soon. I am not a fan of online school.
  9. ^Endorsed. Cloud storage is also great for being able to work on the same documents on your dual monitor workstation and your laptop. I think I pay ~$2/month for 250gb of storage through MS One Drive. It is well worth it.
  10. A multi-office firm in my home region (about 5-10 lawyers) has a policy where all staff can bring their dogs to the office. Mind you the partner has four dogs I think.
  11. Hi OP, You may not be able to find an answer as UofA has overhauled how it administers scholarships across all undergraduate programs. In other words, this year is may be different from last year in terms of how scholarships are given out. I have attached a link which includes contact information for the scholarship/personal finance person for the Faculty of Law. Hope this helps. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/programs/jd/scholarships-and-awards.html
  12. Does anyone have insights about the southern interior of BC?
  13. I like a lot of the people I have met. I have also really enjoyed volunteering for SLS (https://www.ualberta.ca/law/campus-life/student-legal-services.html) so far .
  14. 1. What social life? All jokes aside, it depends on the person. One could definitely work part-time during school. Heck I have people in my class who are raising kids, working and going to law school full-time. However, doing well in law school is difficult in and of itself and working a part-time job might make it more difficult. I for one, only volunteer weekly and imagine any more responsibility would take away from non-related school activities I enjoy like exercising or playing video games. 2. I am not one of the "smartest" people in the room anymore; I have to work really hard to be average now. 3. Write the LSAT earlier? Apply for the 2021 cycle? Take more time off from work before law school? Always be kind to yourself? Probably nothing. I like where I am right now. Tips for a 0L:
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