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  1. I think I will be able to do it; It'll be close anyways. The key is to have savings, a good job pre-law job (you ain't gonna cash flow law school working retail), and minimizing expenses during school. I don't plan on working a law related job at all until 2L summer at the earliest so I can work my lucrative non-law job in the summer.
  2. Waitlisted GPA: 86.47% confirmed LSAT: 160 PS: Probably Average
  3. The facebook group for the class of 2023 currently has 257 members including some upper-year admins. Maybe a lot of people in the group have declined though or are waiting on other offers.
  4. Also if you are paying $600 now and don't need debt why would a $1000 increase make you go into ~$57K of debt instead of ~$36K of debt.
  5. Nobody will be able to answer this for you. The general advice is to reduce one's total debt going through law school. However, you also might want to smooth the utility of consumption over your life to some extent too. I for one, might go into a bit of debt to live better than I otherwise might while in law school. Make sure you have a plan to pay it back and inform yourself about how much servicing that debt will cost you.
  6. In my first year I took many of the pre-reqs for a BA at my uni plus a sampling of many disciplines I was interested in. I did my degree in the discipline I enjoyed the most. All that really matters is that you study something you can get a high GPA in given your personal strengths.
  7. With that being said, Canadian oil due to its cost was on the way out anyway. We can't compete with new fracking techniques and reserves recently discovered in the US. However, from a purely economic standpoint this is unambiguously bad for all Canadians.
  8. https://tradingeconomics.com/canada/exports Oil and energy is the largest category of all Canadian exports. It does not take a macro-economist to tell you, although they all would tell you, that a price collapse which will affect 50% of our exports will reduce our terms of trade and national welfare collectively.
  9. At the virtual Dean's Welcome somebody asked if UofA had a Covid plan for Fall 2020 and they straight up said that they have not thought about Fall 2020 as all resources are being put towards finishing the current term.
  10. I can give you an idea for 3, but you should contact an insurance broker for all of these questions. 3) In 2014 I purchased storage insurance for my daily driver for four months (approximate value $5000). I think the total cost to me was about $150. It was stored in a private driveway.
  11. You will have plenty of time for schools to get your score. I wrote in October and I had no problems. Honestly it all depends on your individual goals and aptitude for the test. My best advice would be to start studying now (take a timed practice test) and develop your plan from there. I jumped up 6 points from my first diagnostic in one month but then only improved about one or two points per month with each additional month of study.
  12. Depends on my employment prospects come September. If it's online I might work and try for a better LSAT score. I'm young and in no real rush.
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