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  1. Hi forum, What is appropriate to enter into the extracurriculars section of the application? I do some volunteer work (boring) and I run a campus club(boring), but honestly who hasn't done these things who is applying for law school. Should I add things I do for fun like martial arts, rec hockey, and mountaineering or should these activities not be included?
  2. I would ditch Kaplan and use different test prep materials.
  3. Can I send my undergrad transcripts in before January if I am not enrolled this semester and finishing my undergrad next semester? My course list for next semester is not finalized, but waiting until January will not give any additional insight into my academic performance.
  4. It is always good to have a backup and a backup backup. I am registered for October and November. If I do not need November I will simply withdraw and eat the $200 loss. I do not think it will look "bad" it just won't look good. So long as a school does not average they generally only care about the highest score.
  5. If you look at the acceptance threads on this forum many students are admitted to Canadian law schools with grades that are comparable to yours and LSATs in the high 150s-170+ range. Maybe you do not have a shot at UofT without a "stellar" LSAT or very compelling personal circumstances, but you do have a chance at many schools if you can score 160+. I would write a diagnostic test and see what you can score cold. If you can initially score somewhere in the 150s a 160+, IMO, is very doable and would likely be cost less and require less of your time than taking more UG courses.
  6. UofA averages scores. Some Canadian schools look at all of your scores on record, but generally they only care about the highest score on record. Only cancel if UofA is your first choice and you are certain you did poorly (had an anxiety attack, did not sleep the night before the test, the proctor was eating pistachios and driving you crazy etc). I just finished a practice test about 15 minutes ago. I thought I did very poorly, but I actually scored two points above my previous personal best. Many people feel how you are feeling post LSAT and end up with an amazing score.
  7. Hello Forum, I am currently working on law school applications for UBC, UofA, and UofC. Last night I was thinking about which school I would decide to go to if admitted to all 3. If money were no object, I would likely go to UBC. However, I want to minimize the amount of debt I take on in law school. Although tuition is comparable between the schools, the housing market and general cost of living are not. Furthermore, I need my own space and am not keen on the idea of my partner and I paying $2000/month only to have roomates. With that being said, Vancouver is a more desirable location than Edmonton or Calgary. Currently, I am a fourth year student with an average of 85% at UBC-Okanagan who is scoring between 163-168 on practice LSATs (hoping to score a 170+ in October). I think I have a good chance of scholarships at UofA and UofC, but I also think UBC is a marginally better school. I am not too picky where I want to practice as I would move anywhere in Western Canada for the right opportunity. Hypothetically, what should I do? Thank You, Fish
  8. I would add an addendum to the application pointing out the 3.76 GPA. You could speak to your doctor about what you were going through and try to get documentation or simply state that you chose the wrong major at first. Not everyone makes the right choice out of the gate. I started as a history major at a community college and realized history was not for me. I did not do poorly in history, but after switching programs and institutions my average annual percentage increased by about 8%. You could really be a diamond in the rough for some schools, but they need to understand the circumstances surrounding your grades be they lack of interest, health, or others.
  9. I had the same concern with a prof who I asked to write me a letter. When I asked for multiple schools he said he did not mind at all because 95% of the work goes into writing the core letter; adapting a letter to fit a school is the easy part.
  10. I think your current approach is excellent; cramming does not work for LSAT prep. I would start studying now and plan to write either June or July 2020 with September being a backup date. I would recommend checking out the PowerScore Bibles, Fox Lsat, and the LSAT Demon as potential resources to begin prepping with.
  11. Hello Internet, I am wondering how writing the lsat in September versus October will affect my chances of admission. I graduate next spring and currently have a GPA of 84.6% with no drops. My most recent PT (today) was 156 and my goal is 163+. I am fairly confident that I will reach my goal by September however, I am feeling a bit of a time crunch as I work full-time right now and will be attending school full-time in the fall. Writing in October would give me another month and likely a few more points; I want to be as competitive of an applicant as possible. The schools I will apply to are: UBC, UofT UVic, UofA, UofC, Osgoode, Dalhouise, and Tru. As admissions are done on a rolling basis, and entrance scholarships are limited, should I write the Sept or Oct lsat. Thank you for your time, FlyingFish
  12. Sorry just correcting a typo. I actually scored a 154 on the "recent" PT.
  13. It is a cliché, but there is no time to start like the present. In your final semester, take some courses that interest you because that will allow you to hopefully create a genuine and meaningful connection with the professor. Also, many universities have special groups for aboriginal peoples; such groups/organizations would be a great place to start!
  14. Hello Internet, I'm writing the Lsat in September and would appreciate some feedback on my studying methods. I have been studying for a two weeks now and am finally starting to see some progress (150 diagnostic - 155 recent PT). Up until this point I have worked about halfway through the LG Bible (I only got 40% of the games correct on my diagnostic) and have the Reading Comp and Logical Reasoning Bibles on deck. I recently came across the Khan Academy and am curious to hear about people's experiences with it be they positive or negative. To be more concise, I am hoping this forum could help me direct my studies and allot my time by pointing out the strengths and weakness of the Khan Academy as a primary studying tool/course... If things seem too good to be true, they probably are. Thank you, Fish
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