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  1. Yeah exactly, I am guessing there will be meetups in other cities too though? It would be strange if they were only in Victoria
  2. Lifelong Albertan here, graduated from uni in this province as well so I think I can comment on some stuff. I was also torn between UofA and UVic and after researching both quite a bit I decided to go to UVic this fall. All I can add is that in the end (based on my questionable calculations) the total cost of school+living comes out to be pretty comparable it seems, depending on your lifestyle of course. Edmonton is cheaper to live in but UVic has cheaper tuition, as well as more needs-based bursaries which may be helpful. But since you and your partner will be living there year round I think Edmonton would have a bit of an advantage especially when it comes to job opportunities for them. One thing to note though is there have been budget cuts across Alberta schools and tuition costs here are increasing, and I think it's safe to say that trend will continue for the next few years. Hell, even my younger siblings' high school/middle school costs are going up and their classes are getting larger. Not sure how much law schools are affected by this but it's probably something to keep in mind. Both come across as great schools though I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  3. I am considering going but how important is this thing? Is it more like an information session for people who are undecided on schools? I know for sure I will be going to UVic this fall so if that's the case I might just skip it. I also live far in the suburbs so I'd have to wake up super early and commute downtown in rush hour traffic+skip work, which I don't know if it's worth it for a 1.5 hour event. My only real concern is missing an opportunity to meet my future classmates. But again I am getting the impression this thing is more sitting at a table and listening to speeches (correct me if I'm wrong), and not so much getting to know your peers. I feel like a facebook group/meetups/orientation would be the better place to serve those purposes. Not to mention I think a good chunk of the offers haven't gone out yet so IDK! Can any current students share their experiences if it is worth going? Are any of you guys attending?
  4. Similar thing happened when I sent my official transcripts+deposit, I got an email confirming they received it but mystatus took about a week or so to update. If you got the email confirming they got it I wouldn't worry too much, I think there is just a delay with them updating your status and checklist. That said if it doesn't update eventually and you are concerned I wouldn't hesitate to email or call them to make sure. I don't think it's "annoying" to want to make sure your documents end up in the right place aha
  5. Got the email last week ! L2: 3.70 Avg LSAT: 162 (158 and 166)
  6. Got the call earlier today too 😀 cGPA: 3.6/4, LSAT: 166 Pretty good personal statement and ECs imo
  7. Hi all, couple of noob questions here I am planning on applying for this coming 2020 cycle and I understand for the L2 calculation the UofA excludes intro-level courses taken as a "special" or "unclassified" student. What about intro-level courses taken under a degree program BUT on top of the degree requirements? In my situation, I completed all my degree requirements and could have graduated last semester but I decided to delay graduation and take a couple of extra intro-level courses this spring to boost my GPA, and make it so my L2 excludes an older semester where I didn't do too great. So I had already used up the intro courses required for my degree before this semester, but these 2 classes were still taken under my degree program and that is how they appear on my unofficial transcript. Will they still count for my L2 GPA? Also, when averaging LSAT scores I have read the UofA raises an average ending in .5 to the next number (e.g. a 160.5 average becomes a 161), is this only for the admitted applicant profile, or do they use the same method for the index calculation too?
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