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  1. gpa: 3.47 b2: 3.62 Lsat: 160 General applicant. MA student, decent work experience. Good PS I think? It's always an inaccurate measure.
  2. I was placed onto the waitlist today- thought I would let you guys know there was some movement
  3. I got waitlisted today folks.
  4. I'm still under evaluation :p I guess if what the others are saying is true then I'll probably get waitlisted or refused as well *sigh*
  5. She didn't answer outright but from what I gathered during our call it seems that, yes, rejections have also not been sent out completely either since acceptances and waitlists are also not done. I just seems like they legit have not gone through a bunch of the applications.
  6. I thought I would add my two cents since I called in earlier today. My application has also been "under evaluation" since November 8th. Anyways, I spoke to a lady on who phone who told me that the acceptances have not all gone out neither have all the waitlist requests. She also said that it is normal as far the wait time due to the high number of applicants. I am also pretty low on the "hopeful scale" on getting in at this point. Best of luck to those still waiting.
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