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  1. i dont really know what to make of this application process. its very tough to figure out what is going on with very little movement in about 3 weeks now other than a few rejections that have gone out the past few fridays
  2. understood that graduate marks are not taken into consideration when calculating CGPA by Ontario schools. that being said, would you not agree that a graduate degree does add to the overall strength of an application from a well rounded perspective?
  3. you may want to direct this question to someone who has experience as a member of an admissions committee. some schools have 3L students on their admissions committee and they offer up help to people looking for insight as to the competitiveness of their application if you ask. if youre going to take advice from people on here who have never been a part of an admissions committee (or have never even been accepted to law school) then take it with a grain of salt.
  4. i was told the same thing when i was put on the unnumbered waitlist a few weeks ago. they said it was due to "unrealistic expectations" set by publishing ranks in past years
  5. thanks i appreciate the feedback, fingers crossed! I have a pretty solid background in terms of work experience, I've been in the public service for 3 and a half years and have a pretty senior (associate director) position in department of national defence so I'm hoping the career success offsets the low CGPA (from 8 years ago!). not a mature student applicant as i completed a post grad in 2016.
  6. also placed on the "unnumbered waitlist" this morning. 3.43 CGPA 159 LSAT
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