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  1. I know this is something most people are not comfortable talking about, but I would like to know if other female lawyers/law students have been put in the same situation and how common these types of situations are. This has never happened to me before so I don't know if this is the type of thing that happens often (and I will unfortunately have to get accustomed to it even thought it's wrong) or I just had the misfortune to talk to the wrong person. I was recently approached, in an academic setting, by a lawyer who gave me his business card and told me to email him for a possible internship. I did and so I met him at his law firm and, long story short, he basically told me he'd get me a job if I slept with him. I am 20 years old (even though people tell me I still look 17) and he had to be in his mid 60s. I am disgusted as this was my first "interview" (I considered it so and practiced common interview questions beforehand) and I didn't expect this. I was dressed conservatively and tried to bring the conversation back to the law when he aired towards more personal subjects. He was also very touchy but I was intimidated by him so I found it hard to vocalise my feelings , even thought my body language was very clear. The whole experience was a little traumatizing and I have to admit, I am sad because this is not how I imagined law school would be like. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Do you have stories of coworkers or friends to whom this happened? How common are these types of behavior?
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