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  1. How would admissions committees view working in a family business versus another job?
  2. I have used the OLSAS GPA calculator on https://lawapplicants.ca/ and am just wondering if people typically found that this system accurately calculated how OLSAS would actually calculate ones GPA?
  3. yeah I'm worried it will be an issue since I took 4 courses for 2 semesters and 3 for the other 2. I'm just hoping the fact I worked makes up for it. I'll be sure to call and see this week.
  4. I hope so! an acceptance from any Ontario school would be amazing! I have never calculated my B3 but I'd say it would probably be around a 3.6 as I did have one good year with a full course load (5 courses) a few years back. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hoping to get into an Ontario school. My L2 includes my last 10 credits overall as I worked during my last 2 years and did not have a full course load during that time. My previous post was based on a guess of what my LSAT score would be, however 166 is the actual score I received.
  6. My biggest concern with my L2 is that I did not take a full course load as I worked two jobs during that time.
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