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  1. Yes - I did a bcom at UofT. lol I mean exactly the same, as in down to the decimal point hahaha... percentage 83.2% maybe? I forget you can check my posts. accepted to UBC in the later round I think? like march or april I think, but not the very last round... All the other schools got in prior to march, acceptance letters were from undergrad profs, nothing too special I don't think. DM me if you have any questions. Just in 1L right now so but I'll try to check as often and I can
  2. lol I had the exact same stats, except 3.43cpga, and 4.00 last 2, - got in those schools, but waitlisted at UofT Edit - also forgot to add I'm a uoft grad too haha. I guess you're my twin lol
  3. congratulations on your ungodly lsat score. Its hard to see any school in canada would reject you (except for UofT, but I think you would still be competitive). I had a 3.43, 3.98L2/B2 and a 164 and got into everywhere and waitlisted at UofT. I know you didn't ask but stats wise you have an awesome chance at some top tier US schools too. (applying US the LSAC GPA was much higher for me than OLSAS because you get creditted 4.33 vs. 4.0 on A+ grades, so my 3.43 OLSAS ended up being a 3.56 on LSAC), point is you might get a GPA boost there
  4. Thanks for your responses, they've been very helpful. Turtles - do you think you/we need to move in and get set up before august 1st? (or is it because of your own personal circumstances) I thought moving in at the start of august would give us ample time to get set up.. 1st day of classes is august 29th? (I think?)
  5. Hey guys, I'm planning to live in res as I live across the country, and I'm a little concerned they still haven't sent out offers for residence yet. I applied late (3 weeks ago), and I'm worried that I might not get a place, perhaps because they might choose to have some rooms vacant... I contacted york housing but they keep saying that they have to wait for the coronavirus task force to give them the go ahead before they send out offers for rooms. Anyone have insight, advice or additional info on this? we're only a month out from august and I'm stuck
  6. don't give up, I was in a worse position than you... going into 4th year, I had a 3.0cGPA. did 4th and a 5th year that really went well, ended up with 3.43cgpa, 3.98-3.99 B2/L2, and with a LSAT of 164 got into every school except UofT (waitlisted). Schools will look at it holistically
  7. Thank you for this info, this really helps me out a lot
  8. anyone have any idea how many people are left on the waitlist?
  9. Hey guys, I'm unable to still apply for Oz housing because I've only provisionally accepted. This is because I am on a waitlist at uoft, and so I was wondering if I don't get in, would I be too late in applying for any housing? Has anyone that had gone into 1L applied this late (mid June-ish) and got a place in passy or assinbonie or any of the york apartments before? Thanks
  10. Though not going to western this fall,(oz instead), thank you for the link and this info, -really helpful, as osgoode has been completely dark with everything.. they are doing an online Q&A but judging by their slow administration i doubt many questions will be answered. thank you
  11. Not trying to be a downer or anything, but if theres already 240+ ppl in the fb group, for us waitlisters, isn't a bit of a stretch to think 40+ people would turn down their offer? (and thats assuming everyone joined the fb group, which is unlikely)
  12. I had the same issue. Could this be because I have only provisionally accepted? (vs. firm accept).
  13. Due to the covid situation I'm having a hard time contacting UBC, so hopefully someone can answer these questions here. 1. Would UBC waive my GMAT requirement if I already wrote the LSAT? And how hard would it be to get into the program as a first year JD student with around two years professional experience? 2. I heard that once you're in the program, you won't be eligible for some of the law school bursaries. Is this true? if so roughly how large of an amount would this be? 3. I am struggling to make a decision between osgoode and UBC law (and their JD/MBA programs). I have read some school comparisons, but any comments of these programs would help me out a lot. I don't know anyone that did their JD/MBA at UBC, and so if they could share a little bit about their experience it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Also was/still am a lurker GPA with drops (confirmed) 83.38. LSAT 164 (retake) I originally applied discretionary, but was told to re-submit under general as well. So I rewrote my PS and sent that in. I have no idea if I got accepted under general or discretionary.... PS imo nothing special... EC nothing special (maybe below average?) LOC decent (undergrad dean, & law prof)
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