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  1. Hi all, I am wondering how uVic Law fairs in Vancouver Biglaw placement. Is there anywhere I can get this info? (stats, hiring info etc). Also, what type of grades are needed to get OCI? Thanks
  2. I believe its (LSAT percentile x 5) + (125* your GPA - out of 4.33 using the uVic Law's GPA conversion/drop calculation)
  3. hmm... would date in which went into queue for review even matter? or mean anything? I went into queue yesterday as well, and my stats are 3.43 cgpa 3.96B2/L2, 163 LSAT, - I don't think I would even sniff the first round
  4. Just got the call as well. cGPA 4.85/4.33, LSAT 163. Personal statement had a few typos, and really nothing special, maybe slightly tailored to uVic (environmental law stuff) EC was alright I think
  5. I've heard somewhere they only look at personal statements for scholarships & non-auto admit candidates... If you have auto admit stats does your personal statement even matter that much?
  6. Thank you for your response, that is relieving to hear. I appreciate it GM
  7. Hey guys, So I submitted my apps to Western and I'm a bit concerned about my PS. Reading it again, I told a good story of who I am, but when it came to why I wanted to study law I think it was a bit shallow, and it wasn't business law focused. (I am a finance/econ major though). My stats are 3.43cgpa 3.96 L2 163 LSAT. My EC I think average? and 3 LOR that I think should be average (2 professors, 1 work exp) My Fact scenario I think is good... Do you guys know if this PS might hurt me? Anyone been accepted with sub par PS?? Thanks in advance
  8. Great. I thought that might have been the case but I was still very confused. Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate it
  9. Thank you for your reply, I'm wondering what the GPA drop would also look like. which # of drops
  10. Hey guys, I have a couple of questions. I know basics about the gpa conversion (the chart they use -4.33 scale) but I'm a little confused on the number of credits drops in my case, as I took some credit/nocredit courses with no percentage/grades given. I have 135 credits in terms of graded ones (I did a fifth year) but I have 144 total credits. If I drop 6 half year credits my GPA works out to 3.78/4.33 If I drop 8 half year credits, my GPA works out to 3.85/4.33 If I drop 10 half year credits, GPA is 3.90/4.33 My LSAT is a 163. Does anyone know how many credits I would be able to drop in my situation and also what my chances would be? I can't seem to find answers in the threads or when I call the office its opaque Thank you
  11. Hey guys my stats are shown. What would be my chances for osgoode and other Ontario schools? Also, it is all full course load except for the last year where I took 9 courses during the year, instead of the usual 10
  12. I am getting different gpa calculation numbers so its quite confusing. My stats are 82.2 ~ 83ish cGPA (my personal calculation is 82.88%) - all with drops. LSAT currently PTing around 164-165. What are my chances next cycle? Thanks in Advance
  13. I noticed the years have an effect on your gpa calculation in Ryn's calculator as well. My understanding was UBC just takes all your % grades and averages them, (with drops). So here's how I did it: average all my % grades (taking out 4 worst half semester courses). But then if you use Ryn's gpa calculation, it seems like its getting average of the year's averages = meaning if you take 12 courses in 4th year, those 12 will have the same weight as 8 courses taken in 2nd year... Anyone else seeing the same thing?
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