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  1. Hey guys my stats are shown. What would be my chances for osgoode and other Ontario schools? Also, it is all full course load except for the last year where I took 9 courses during the year, instead of the usual 10
  2. I am getting different gpa calculation numbers so its quite confusing. My stats are 82.2 ~ 83ish cGPA (my personal calculation is 82.88%) - all with drops. LSAT currently PTing around 164-165. What are my chances next cycle? Thanks in Advance
  3. I noticed the years have an effect on your gpa calculation in Ryn's calculator as well. My understanding was UBC just takes all your % grades and averages them, (with drops). So here's how I did it: average all my % grades (taking out 4 worst half semester courses). But then if you use Ryn's gpa calculation, it seems like its getting average of the year's averages = meaning if you take 12 courses in 4th year, those 12 will have the same weight as 8 courses taken in 2nd year... Anyone else seeing the same thing?
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