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  1. As the title says, he's a practicing lawyer (of more than 20 years, Q.C) who also is a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta. He's also a close family friend, and we're having breakfast together tomorrow. I'm only describing this to give context to his position. Should I use him as a reference? I've heard that sometimes law schools don't like to see applicants use lawyers, as their reference's aren't representative of the academic background of the applicant. I do have 2 academic referees as of current, he would just make a third non-academic reference, or I would choose my manager at my current job.
  2. Hi guys, so far I have 5600 characters, equivalent to 913 words. Should I be filling up the entire 8000 character limit? I just don't want to add fluff to my personal statement that may not contribute to my application. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking to inquire on what schools in particular will consider any after degree (open studies) classes that I may take into my application average? Also, does taking 100 level courses still impact my average or do they only consider courses at the 200 level and above? Some context: I completed a bachelor of science, majoring in psychology and minoring in biological science in 2017. I'm enrolled in summer and fall term open studies. Thanks.
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