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  1. Accepted earlier today. General Category OLSAS cGPA: 3.43 L2: 3.92 LSAT: 159
  2. Got in earlier today. L60: 3.92 LSAT: 159
  3. @RGoodfellow yes, currently in my last semester of undergrad. Makes sense, thanks for the input.
  4. @NeverGiveUp Thanks for the input, I was told that the most recent index formula used was (21xGPA + LSAT) where 240 gives you an admittance. If what was said about the LSAT having a higher weight this year is true, then even this index formula has been changed as well.
  5. @RGoodfellow I guess they're doing things a little different this year. My last 60 is 3.92 and 159 LSAT. Still haven't heard anything back yet. Someone I know said the index formula being used this year puts a higher weight on the LSAT. Looks like they might be right.
  6. thanks! and I meant, when during the year did you get in?
  7. When is/was last cycle exactly? My L60 should be 3.92 with my fall marks now in, and LSAT 159.
  8. Just got waitlisted. cGPA 3.37. (Might increase with Fall term marks if they’re not updated) L2 3.92 (not sure if this is right it’s a UofA scale) Lsat 159 some volunteer and work experience, nothing crazy tho.
  9. My best 2 years GPA is 3.91 (don't know what this converts to at USASK) and an LSAT score of 159. Anyone who knows about USASK know if I have a good shot at getting in for 2020? Im currently living in Alberta.
  10. So I checked with admissions to confirm if they take an exact last 60 credits. The guy there told me they do if it's a clean last 60, which mine will be after this semester. So most likely by the end of this semester should be around 3.87-3.93 depending on how it goes with my classes. That being said, I forgot to mention that I have one W (Withdraw) during this period. What do you think of my chances with these new considerations? Does the W affect my chances or my GPA in anyway?
  11. What about if my GPA is 3.7? My last 60 credits wont be 3.9 until this semester is over.
  12. L2: 3.885 LSAT: 159 + one Cancel what do you guys think of my chances getting in to u of a for 2020?
  13. I got a 154 and I have a 3.9 GPA. Planning to apply to my dream school (U of Calgary) and I will be cancelling since most of my PTs are above 154.
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