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  1. Looking for a female roommate in the dual program or single JD program. Currently looking at sharing the rent in a condo towards downtown area. Please direct message if interested!
  2. Hey, please direct message me. I may be interested. Thanks!
  3. Hey, do you mind sending me these pics? I’ve been offered a spot in the dual and its highly likely that I will be accepting. Please direct message and we can discuss.
  4. I feel like the admin office is giving us conflicting information. I called Friday and they advised me that there are still acceptances and the class was not yet full. I doubt that any acceptances have gone out since Friday since there’s been not one person to post in the accepted thread. I realize that everyone doesn’t post on this forum, but it is likely that we would’ve seen some movement/comments if acceptances went out.
  5. I honestly don't understand how they can be this behind in the review process. I understand that there are more and more applicants every year, but two months late to prepare a waitlist is pushing it for me. For some people, Ottawa is their first choice and for them to say that we should consider our other provisional acceptances before they've even reviewed our file is absurd. Provisional Acceptances go firm soon so I really hope that they get their act together before then. We are all eager to receive a decision, whether good or bad at this point. Let's all pray that we hear back from them over the next few days (hopefully good news). Wishing everyone good luck!
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