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  1. I'm in Ontario. How does the job market for plantiff side PI compare to other areas of law? Given the number of PI lawyers in my city it seems pretty competitive. I have seen a lot of posts calling it "shit law". Is it that bad of an area?
  2. Hey guys, I'm thinking about applying to law school. I've noticed that most schools state that they require 3 years of full time study. When I started my bachelor's I got a little over a year's worth of transfer credits from my previous diploma, meaning I only had to go to the university for 3 years instead of the traditional 4. Because of some financial troubles however I had to be a part time student for 1 year. This means I only technically have 2 years of full time study. I will also not qualify for mature status, as I'm finishing up my last year of my bachelor's as I write this. Knowing this, is it worth applying to schools in Ontario, or would I be wasting my time? Thank's for your help!
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