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  1. Got stuck with these two terms in my brain for a while as I am going to apply for the 2020 admission. Please give me information on the difference/similarities with these two (LLB from McGill and JD from other Ontario law schools) thanks
  2. @Luckycharmis there a way I can delete the referee from the OUAC site? Thank you!
  3. Is it allowed to have more than 2 reference ? I’m asking because one of my reference might not be able to write the reference letter for me and am wondering if I can add a third reference just in case ?
  4. @Deadpoolthanks so much ! Will read thru these posts for sure.
  5. Hi all, I’m going to apply for 2020 entry, just want to get some inputs on the pros and cons of attending Osgoode and Ottawa. How are campus life in theses two in-terms of study environment, faculty, students spirit, etc? how about prospects of summer job and articling seeking ? Thanks!
  6. Looking for advice and opinion on studying Civil Law in Ontario.
  7. I’m a bilingual student and looking for advice and insights on Programme de droit canadien of u Ottawa.
  8. Hi there, im going to apply for the 2020 school year for FCL and just wondering how do you find this program so far, looking an articling position and the career outlook based on your experiences? and do I need to prepare the PS in French too?
  9. Does submit application the earlier the better once OLSAS starts taking application?
  10. Isla, So how’s their experience in finding an articling position? Did they have a hard time or they are being treated the same as graduates from English common law program? Thanks!!!
  11. I’m bilingual and am planning to apply for U Ottawa French common law. Looking for advice on this. Is it a disadvantage to look for articling or a job after graduation if I’m graduated with a French common law degree?
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