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  1. Try a Business Law course. If your school has a faculty of business they'll most likely have such a course. Should give you some insight into contracts, torts, corporate law, etc. Maybe it wouldn't help that much in terms of seeing what practising law is like, but at least you'd get exposure to some substantive law.
  2. I can't speak for everyone, but my understanding is that in the Calgary market (especially among "big" firms) it is the norm to offer articling after a 1L summer. This is of course predicated on your performance over the course of the summer, but I haven't personally heard of any 1L summer students who were not offered articling. My own experience: worked last summer (1L summer) and was offered articling upon graduation with the additional option to work at the firm this (2L) summer if i want.
  3. I will never understand why people who explicitly ask for advice from STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET are then confused/shocked when people tell them things they don't want to hear. I can sympathize with you to an extent. Your situation reminds me a lot of things I've had to deal with. I'm an immigrant and I had immense pressure put on me by my very old-school family on numerous occasions when I had to make life-altering decisions. I can't even count the number of arguments we had about my undergrad and pursuing law. In the end, I had to make the decisions that were best for me, and while that can be a tough pill to swallow for your parents (especially for super traditional eastern europeans like mine), you have to do it for yourself. Realistically your parents aren't going to be around forever. Then what? You've wasted a huge chunk of your life pursuing something that maybe your heart wasn't even 100% in. That's a way bigger bummer to me than some familial disagreements. Realizing what you want vs what your family wants was something that took me a VERY long time to negotiate, but I'm glad I came to the realization sooner rather than later. One last thing - barring other "hardships" you've made vague references to - you need to realize how extremely fortunate you are to even be in the position you are in. You're 25 years old, your parents are paying for your schooling, and you have to **gasp** decide between Law and Medicine.
  4. I'm an incoming upper year transfer to the U of A. PM me.
  5. Definitely make reference to your desire to work/live in Alberta long term. From my understanding, at the summer student level, firms are basically making a long-term investment in you and it makes you a lot more appealing if the hiring committee doesn't see you as a flight risk. I was part of the 1L Calgary recruit last year and I made sure to talk about wanting to be in Calgary and WHY. Even if not the most compelling reason (i.e. I'm a skiing enthusiast and love that Calgary is only an hour from Banff). The reasons I gave did come up in interviews. This is just my $0.02 so if someone from the hiring side of things has anything to say regarding that - I'm all ears!
  6. I totally agree in regards to Indochino. I think they fool people because of their "customizability" (MTM) and as a result many overlook the poorer quality of the fabrics used and the overall assembly of suit. To the best of my knowledge they aren't full or half-canvas but fused. Spier & McKay has really impressed me. Both because of the price point and build quality. The jacket and trousers just feel higher quality and substantial than other brands at the same price point. Highly recommend! They are definitely more traditional in their cut, and they also offer a Neapolitan cut - which I personally love. Bang for buck - especially considering the financial situation of many law students - I'd go with Spier.
  7. Spier & McKay is great. Pretty high quality for the price.
  8. Was waiting until the end of the first week of August to ensure everyone has a fair shot at this! Giving away first year textbooks to an incoming College of Law student who has accepted their offer and is definitely attending this fall. You must give the books away to an incoming U of S student next year through this forum (publicly) and add one additional primary textbook (if the list changes or there is a new edition) or a secondary text you found useful (i.e. if no changes to the list or new editions; cannot be the Criminal Code). The hope is to extend this generosity to future years for as long as possible.After receipt of the textbooks, the recipient must make a post in this thread.These terms are to be explained to and carried out by future recipients as well.First person to message me and agree to these terms gets the books. I will not be in Saskatoon for the foreseeable future but we can figure out something that works best for both parties.
  9. The two big USask 1L recruits are Saskatoon/Regina (obv) in September, and Calgary, which is late January - early Feb. As @Staygold has given you some info on the Sask recruit, feel free to PM me or tag me in a post if you have any questions about the Calgary recruit specifically.
  10. My apologies. Should've been more clear. I meant last year
  11. I'll second this. I applied at five schools and listed all of them, including the school in the city where I was living before I moved to Saskatoon. If the school is going to accept you, they're going to accept you. If they aren't, they won't. Don't sweat stuff like this too much.
  12. This graph really stings for me if it is in fact true. Was rejected this past cycle with a 3.5 and a 162. By my calculations that would put my index score at 240.75. So close... yet so far. It all worked out in the end and I'm really enjoying the program I'm in nonetheless! So for all of you out there worried by the daunting and infamous U of A index - there is still hope.
  13. Hey everyone! Just wanted to confirm I have received the textbooks and look forward to continuing this great idea with the incoming 1L’s next year!
  14. Accepted off of the waitlist yesterday! B2: ~3.7 LSAT: 162 No Sask Connection Will be accepting! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
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