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  1. I know that the calls for Dentons went out today.
  2. Amen! Good luck, everyone. Hope we all knock it out of the park!
  3. Amen. It is frankly silly to mark someone down for not looking straight into the camera lens during the entire length of an interview.
  4. Thank you @hmyo and @easttowest. Any tips about maintaining eye contact during a Zoom call? Do you recommend directly looking into the camera? Ive been trying to practice doing that all day and am failing miserably. Its just so darn unnatural!
  5. I hope to attend my first (and only) articling interview with the only firm I applied to on Monday morning. It is at one of the larger firms. Can anyone with some biglaw interview experience give a rundown of what to expect and how to prepare (apart from researching the firm, its partners, conveying how badly I wanted to work with them, etc.)? PS: This thread has been very helpful. Thanks to everyone who wrote here.
  6. @Hegdis @Ryn Thank you very much for your posts. I was getting discouraged after reading material I found on google (and this forum) about foreign qualified lawyers in Canada. Your posts suggest that I may have a chance if I work hard at it and make the right networks. That is some encouragement. Let me rephrase an earlier question then. What should be the minimum salary I should be expecting if I manage to find employment as a lawyer in Ontario/BC? I am just wondering if I would be able to sustain myself in Toronto at all. I will be in Toronto in August of this year for a few weeks. Any advice as to which places I may hit up for networking? Thanks again.
  7. Hello all, I stumbled across this forum while looking for answers to some questions I had regarding my situation. I've gone through several threads here, but have not found the answers that I need. Hence this post. I am a 34 year old Bangladeshi lawyer who holds PR in Canada. I completed my LLB (undergrad) degree and my Bar Vocational Course (post-grad) degree, both from Cardiff University, UK. I was called as a Barrister in UK from one of the Inns in 2007. I had since then come back to Bangladesh and worked as a lawyer, ultimately qualifying as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. I have almost 12 years of solid experience in practising law in Bangladesh, off late in a few cross-border litigation matters. I am also the Managing Partner of an established law firm in Bangladesh. Due to certain circumstances concerning my family, I have decided to migrate to Canada. I have submitted my credentials to NCA and have received my assessment report - I have to take 7 subjects. I am currently living in Bangladesh and plan to migrate to Canada fully in January, 2020. In this context, I wanted to know: (a) what route I should take to get requalified as a lawyer in Canada. I am aware (after reading several forum posts here) that the chances of employability is more difficult for foreign-qualified lawyers. Is there a route that I can take to offset the "stigma" towards foreign qualified lawyers in Canada? (b) what, realistically, my chances are at getting employed as a lawyer (not as a paralegal) in Canada if I manage to complete the best means of requalification as a lawyer in Canada. (c) what salary range I should be expecting/aiming for once I get requalified. Any information and comment would be highly appreciated!
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