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  1. What do you mean by credits? I thought Western looks at the last 2 years.
  2. I am also sorry about my part in the speculations! Thanks for updating us!
  3. It's not that an LLB is useless in Canada, it is the fact that it was from an online program from a foreign school. McGill (one of the most prestigious law schools in this country) still offers the LLB, and no one would dispute its usefulness.
  4. Maybe the former? I presume they wouldn't have read through most of the applications by now, and there may be applicants who wrote the lsat in October or are planning on writing it later, thus their applications wouldn't be looked at till later.
  5. Oh that makes sense, I know very little about the state of affairs in Calgary since I'm from a different province. Yeah, we can only speculate. I am curious as to how much smaller the applicant pool was this year, for them to delay the deadline one month.
  6. Isn't it just Ryerson that asks for it? I would just include what they ask for.
  7. You might have a chance at schools that look at your last or best two years, or drop your worst marks. What's your l2 and b2? What's your gpa after dropping the worst 18 or 30 credits? Victoria drops the worst 18 and Manitoba and New Brunswick drop the worst 30.
  8. No problem! Happy to help
  9. When you copy your statements into the OLSAS online application (under school submissions), it will show how many characters you have. If you go over the limit, it will say so, in red.
  10. You are welcome! I just checked McGill and UNB. The former asks for 500 words. The latter says there is no minimum or maximum, but that most statements are 1 to 2 pages in length.
  11. The limits for Ontario schools are indicated on OLSAS. Maximum 6000 characters for Queens, maximum 8000 characters for Ottawa.
  12. Thank you! It's the latter, just before I finished it. That's relief 😥
  13. For non-Ontario universities, you cannot submit your transcript request through OLSAS, you have to arrange to have it sent to OLSAS. I sent my transcript from McGill to OLSAS before I submitted my application (it was a mistake on my part), will they discard it? Will I have to send it again after submitting the online application? My mom kept saying it's okay as they probably hold onto it.
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