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  1. Yeah there isn't a big body of data for splitters in Canada. But UVic, UBC, and Manitoba seem to be mostly index-based. Your very high lsat will probably give you an index that is on par with that of most applicants. Not to mention that they will also drop some of your worst marks (as the user above mentioned). If you completed 120 credits, UVic drops the 18 worst, UBC drops the 12 worst, and Manitoba drops the 30 worst. Even if you didn't boost your gpa, I would be surprised if you didn't get in anywhere in Canada.
  2. I have met a lady who said she has photographic memory, on the basis that she learns fast 😞.
  3. Makes sense. Though for some reason my unofficial transcript has grades assigned to those advanced standing courses.
  4. Oh okay. I didn't think the IB marks would be counted as a part of my gpa, but I was worried that it would look like I am short of credits.
  5. How will they know? It doesn't show any advanced standing or transfer credits on OLSAS.
  6. Thanks! Yeah, on my official transcripts, the IB courses are listed with no grades assigned. So it's not an issue for non Ontario schools as you just mail them the official transcripts. On OLSAS, they don't list those credits at all, and they missed a full year of my undergrad courses 😓. The latter is definitely a mistake, but not sure if not putting in IB credits is normal.
  7. Because I did the International Baccalaureate program in high school, I got 18 transfer credits from my university, which allowed me to finish my degree in 3 years (I did 12 credits during one summer). My marks are up on OLSAS, and nowhere does it show my transfer credits. I am worried that it will look like I did not actually complete the 120 credits required for a four-year degree. Do law schools see your actual transcript or just the calculations on OLSAS?
  8. Many law schools have special/access/discretionary categories for people with special circumstances, I think a learning disability would fall under the aforementioned categories. You would need supporting medical documentation. It doesn't matter if you don't have much work experience, most law school applicants applying straight from undergrad don't. If you apply broadly, you may have a chance.
  9. The schools you listed are probably the most amenable to splitters. But occasionally low gpa-high lsat splitters have gotten into other law schools like Western. Doesn't hurt to apply and see what happens, if you don't mind the apapplication fees.
  10. All the foreign grads I know have gotten jobs merely through connections (family friends), and even then, the jobs weren't that great and very low-paying.
  11. Thanks! I don't have any calculations on my OLSAS account, got all excited just now 😁
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