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  1. At my university, there was no difference between the 2000 level and 3000 level courses, they were regarded as the same (weird, I know). And there weren't many 4000 level courses for my major, I took the required ones but there were only a few. I hope it doesn't look bad to law schools.
  2. Thank you! I will check then. That's a good point, it's not an ideal situation but I guess giving myself some more time to prepare for the test is more important.
  3. I just want to confirm something, I tried to find the information online but I want to make sure I did not misunderstand. The application deadlines for many law schools is November 1, and it typically takes 3 weeks for LSAT scores to come out. It is not required to submit the score by November 1, is it? It would be okay for me to take the test on October 28 or November 23 and still be considered for the following year? Would there be any disadvantage in not submitting the LSAT score right away with the rest of the application? I could write the test on September 21, but I would prefer to give myself some more time to prepare.
  4. I agree! Most of the law schools in Canada look pretty good to me though :).
  5. Thank you! I will apply to as many as I can! Yes, I will be sure to send my referees all the information at once.
  6. I am definitely open to all but two (that shall remain unnamed) law schools in Canada :).Yeah it's hard to predict, from these forums I saw people getting rejected from some schools whilst getting accepted by more competitive ones. Wow that's awesome that you got into Osgoode! Thank you!
  7. Thank you so much! Ah, I hope my professors don't mind reading all of mine. Good thing they can just submit the same letter! That's a good point! I will give them a heads up a few weeks in advance then. I hope you ended up at your preferred school :).
  8. I guess I am worrying about this too early, I still need to write and get my LSAT results, then I will know where I stand. That's true, I do notice people in the middle applying the most broadly.
  9. Since money isn't a concern (my parents are happy to pay), I will just apply to all the schools I may want to attend (which is a lot haha). Yeah, Lakehead doesn't sound appealing to me either.
  10. Thanks! That makes me feel a lot more comfortable about asking my referees. I had a good relationship with them but I just didn't know how common it is to ask for many letters. My mom is a professor and she said she never had students ask her for more than 2-3 references. I will aim for about 6 weeks in advance then. Do you know if your referees used the same letter for every school, or did they have to tailor it a bit? Also for your personal statements, did you find you needed to change them for different schools or was it more of a universal statement (only taking into account the different word count requirements)?
  11. Yeah for the schools I really wouldn't want to go to, I won't apply. Thanks!
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