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  1. Hi! Just have a quick question about letters of reference. I have contacted my profs and they’ve agreed to writing me letters. Just wondering about the process of them sending it in. Once I complete an application, will the schools request it from them (send an email to the profs I have listed), or will I have to provide my profs with the schools admissions email to send it in? I can provide them with the law school admissions emails, I just don’t want to overwhelm them with six different emails to contact if the schools end up requesting it from them directly. I’m planning to apply to UBC, UVIC, UOfA, UofS, TRU, and UofC.
  2. Hi, everyone. So I am heading into my final year of my undergrad. My first semester is a full course load, and I will graduate at the end of it. I’m studying business, major accounting. My initial plan (before considering law school) was to go for my CPA after graduation. In order to do so, I have to retake a class to improve my grades to meet the CPA program requirements. So I will have a full semester in the first semester, graduate, and then retake this single course in the second semester. I can’t take it first semester because I’ve hit the cap for credits. Im wondering...will this look bad on my law school application? Just taking a single class following graduation? I intend to apply for law school in a September/October. I’m taking the LSAT September. Will I hear of acceptances before the second semester comes around? If so, I’d likely not retake the course (because I only need it for my CPA, which I would no longer go for). If I won’t hear from law schools by then...what should I do? Take the course to stay on track for my backup (CPA) or not retake it so it doesn’t foul up my final semester or two stats?
  3. Also, when?! Should I know what I favour before heading into law school, or should I have this relatively figured out before I go? I’m just prepping for the LSAT now but I’ve seen some discussions on law school forums that I should focus my applications on schools that have a focus on which area of law I’d like to work in. Is this true? And if so...how do I figure this out?! I know money, personal desires and everything all contribute...but is there an explanation of each focus of law? I know big law makes good money but it’s long hours, hard work, and stress. But other than that...I don’t know much. Is there a lot of opportunity for environmental law? Human rights law? I’m just not sure. Any help you can provide is really appreciated!
  4. Hi! I have a few questions about getting reference letters and creating connections with future referrers. Unfortunately, I’ve slacked in my undergrad...I haven’t made any lasting connections with profs. They don’t seem to notice me. I’ve got one semester to go, so I’m hoping to really push hard to meet during office hours and go over questions I have in the hopes that I create a connection with a prof so I can ask in the future. Im also a Métis student, but I don’t have a strong connection to my ancestry (my family was very disconnected from the culture starting a few generations back). How do I go about applying as an Aboriginal applicant without a connection to the Métis community? Who can I speak with to create a bond? Not sure if this impacts anything, but I grew up in AB but was born in sask, so I genuinely have zero connection to my original Métis community. I’ve thought about reaching out to my school’s aboriginal center, but I’m not sure what they offer or how I could become involved enough to create a relationship worthy of a letter of reference. I feel like I dropped the ball so terribly in the past! I have no one I would ask for a letter of recommendation. I’ve worked different summer jobs each year that don’t relate to law school or my undergrad....Am I totally screwed here?
  5. Hi everyone, I have a few questions. I'm currently finishing up my undergrad and I am considering applying to law school in the future. I have started studying for the LSAT (literally started a week ago or so) and I'm now just starting to do research into the specifics of schools, funding, acceptance, etc. I am Metis (Metis Nation of Saskatchewan), and I've had a metis card my entire life. Born in Sask, grew up in Alberta. However, my entire family (it goes back a few generations, to my grandparents) is disconnected from the Metis culture. This unfortunately means that I don't have a strong connection to the Metis community (Saskatchewan or Alberta). I haven't participated in the Metis community at all, and now I'm wishing I'd had the opportunity to be more connected. This also means I don't have a metis community reference letter or a person in the community I could ask to write me one. Does this decrease my chances of being accepted into a law school in Canada, if I apply as an Indigenous student? I've dealt with depression/anxiety a lot and haven't really made any connections with profs or people in my community. I don't know of anyone I could ask to write me a reference letter for applications. How can I make these connections in my final semester? Who would be a good person to connect with so I could ask them to write me a reference letter for law school? I am hoping I can put myself out there and try to be more extroverted--I really don't want to hold myself back. Sorry for all of the questions - I am feeling super lost. I'm a little discouraged because I feel like my introvertedness in the past is holding me back from my goals. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
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