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  1. Hey all, I just wanted some advice on what my chances are and what measures to take to fix my mistakes. To provide some quick background information: I have a 2.386 GPA out of a 4.5 scale, I currently have 63 out of 120 credits. Basically, I was a bad student and I am definitely not making any excuses here. I didn't put any effort into my education but I am gradually trying my best to fix my GPA. What are my chances here? I live in Manitoba so I know that the U of M drops 30 credits but what other schools would I have the best shot at. I am currently working towards a BBA in the general stream but I was thinking about taking a double degree in accounting to hopefully fix my GPA situation - would this decision be worth it or could I just go forward with the remaining credits I have to work with considering its my last two? Hopefully this was enough information, Thanks!
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