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  1. Accepted today, notified via email. 3.33 CGPA and 163 LSAT. My first acceptance in 3 years of applications.
  2. Yeah this year's cycle is making me wish I had made it through those years I was waitlisted my L2 isnt high (3.4) but my B2 is good (3.7ish)
  3. I applied to 8 schools and have only heard from U of T (an expected rejection). This is my third time applying to law school with a 3.36 CGPA and 163 LSAT. Do I take summer courses to raise my CGPA? .. I feel like I've tried everything and the fact that schools take so long to respond means Ive been in a limbo of application cycles for 3 years. I feel like my life has stalled. Is anyone else in the same situation?
  4. I've heard from 1/8 schools - rejected by U of T which was expected. It's really disappointing and I've kind of assumed I'm rejected every where else. I just wish they would get back to us sooner.
  5. Im going to be rejected anyways so I was hoping it was an early rejection to be honest lol
  6. Hi Ryn, on what basis does Osgoode grant interviews to applicants?
  7. How did you find out you had been invited to interview?
  8. Has anyone here gotten an interview? With my stats, I really hope I have the opportunity to speak to my experience..
  9. Sure of B2 but as I mentioned I have a lower L2 and a downward trend which tbh is a valid red flag for law schools!
  10. 3.33 CGPA and 162 LSAT. I know my stats are not competitive! Still under evaluation though.
  11. That's a good point, thank you. I will speak with my University's registrar and go from there. I'm not too sure how this works!
  12. I had a 3.33 CGPA, 3.67 B2 and 163 and was rejected last year. With that said, I have a strong feeling Queen's is beginning to favour L2 more than B2 to be honest.
  13. I totally agree. I wont be retaking unless Im confident that I can score over 170. The thing is I've never studied for more than 2 months for any of my takes (which I know is stupid). I've been stuck in an endless re-application cycle and school/work timing has been off, so I won't do it again unless Im confident after months of work. The problem with additional university courses is that 3-4 additional courses wont substantially raise my CGPA even if I get an A+ in each. I wanted to give myself a real shot this cycle with the LSAT and unfortunately it didn't materialize..
  14. Well.. I scored a 163.. same exact score as last time. Last time I waited for answers from schools, was placed on waitlists, and didnt start restudying until months later which I think was my downfall. After investing time in Loophole and 7SAGE, I have a much better understanding of concepts but need to do more tests to get better at timing/managing nerves. My plan right now is to immediately start restudying, take the test again in summer or September 2021, and reapply for my fourth time to law school lol. I might take some extra uni courses to boost my GPA too.
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