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  1. If I have November on file but also took January, does my application get put on hold until the new scores come out?
  2. I see your point. It would be nice to feel like i have this in the bag but that's not the case, and I have to accept that admissions will be a challenging journey for me. It's hard not to strategize alternatives given that I'm a borderline candidate. My LSAT scores have ranged from 157-160 and I just hope today's isn't below my highest score.
  3. How do I decide my next steps? I just wrote the LSAT a fourth time and I'm confident I won't get into law school. I will not be applying again, but I'm not sure how to redirect my energy since I've thought about law for so long and it's the career path I genuinely want but won't be able to pursue due to low GPA/mediocre LSAT. Anyone on this site a law school reject who found another path?
  4. I got a 159. Registered for Jan. As I predicted, the test did not go well. I will be re-taking. Learning the basics of logic and going through significant practice, I felt much better about the November test, but i just had a really bad test day. My average PT score is still around 165. With that said, I'm hesitant to re-take in January in case I'm not successful this cycle and need to apply for a third time It might be better to save my LSAT re-take. I was waitlisted at Queen's last year, and made several non-LSAT related improvements so I'm hoping it's enough (my B2 is higher than my GPA).
  5. I received my November score today. So far I have scored 158, 159, 160 (Nov), which is so disappointing because I did a lot of work learning logic between my second and third take. I will be taking the test again in January. Does anyone know if they will still consider me before my January score comes back? I really think I can do much better.
  6. I had an issue with my admissions ticket that I was looking to resolve the day before the test. I called LSAC for about 30 minutes... and I just got a phone bill for over 100 dollars. Why wouldn't there number be a 1800 number? It's not like there is anywhere else I can go for answers No Canadian number either, and the phone lines were busy so I didn't even get to talk to any one I was just in queue the whole time.
  7. Does anyone have any insight on how Queen's looks at re-applicants? I'm super nervous looking back at Accepted threads and seeing people with very similar stats to me. I always thought my stats were the issue... CGPA: 3.33 L2: 3.68 LSAT: 158, 159 I re-wrote the LSAT in November after lots of studying and I definitely did better than my past two takes. I'm registered for Jan just in case. Now I'm worried if it's actually another aspect of my application that's bad? In theory I could have gotten in last year. This year I also submitted three entirely new LORs. I graduated and been working an impact investing job since I go rejected. I think my ps is better and I spent much more time writing and reviewing it but I re-read it recently and it gave me massive anxiety. I wish Queen's would have explained how to improve my application! Does being a re-applicant help or hurt me here? I was waitlisted last year.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a way to have schools review your old LSATs even if you are registered for a new test? For instance if my November score is in the low 160s that might be enough to be admitted to Western/Queen's. I would want them to consider my file even if I am registered for January. The reason why I would still want to aim for a higher score in January is to a) to really solidify my admission chances at these schools and b) see if I can get into more selective schools. I am determined to get in this cycle and I don't want to take any chances. I also don't want to delay my review specifically by Western and Queen's if my stats as of November are good enough... I don't know if this makes sense...
  9. Just a heads up I reserved a seat without specifying a location. Apparently LSAC will email sometime before the test with the closest open location.
  10. Will this look really bad? I want to take the January LSAT after today's terrible test. My first two tries, I didn't study properly and was not fully invested in the idea of going to law school. I felt very prepped for today, so I am disappointed. In the case that my score is not good enough, will writing the January LSAT, a fourth try, look really bad? I should say I am improving test to test.. it's just that my GPA is low (3.4) so I really need above a 165. I have: 157, 158, (I predict today's take will be anywhere between 161-164).
  11. Does anyone know what the meaning of the checkmark in the top right corner of the photo is? Mine has a check, but it does not fit the box, it covers only about 2/3s of it. Vertically it fits but not horizontally. I've printed a cropped, 2x2 version of the same photo in case that helps me make my case. In any case, I'm completely thrown off now and super stressed.
  12. I feel so stressed... I didn't realize that my photo des not fill the 2x2 space until I just printed it. I'm freaking out. I hope they don't turn me away. It's in colour, but cropped weirdly...
  13. Husns

    Typo in PS

    I am a re-applicant. I really don't want something minor like this to hinder me because I've completely overhauled my statement, references, and done better on the LSAT. I feel more confident about things overall, and I hope what you say is true. I really want to go to McGill specifically!
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