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  1. It's hard to decide. McGill is my top choice, however I'm flexible because I know it's very unlikely that I will get in. I think I have strong LORs, ps and experience. The reason why I haven't had more time to study for the LSAT is because I was being considered by McGill until the end of June last year, and on the Wait List at Queen's until September. I should have started studying earlier but I was holding out hope and fully dedicated to my work at the time. As soon as I heard, I started studying again. The reason why I feel more confident is because the last two takes, I didn't do any core concepts or curriculum at all. This is stupid, but all I did was take a few practice tests before each test. I wasn't fully sure about law school whereas now I'm committed and I've put in the work. There's no risk that I will do worse, only that I won't get an exceptional score, if that makes sense.
  2. McGill is the problem here. At the same time, if I wait until January, McGill is one of the only schools that says on its website that taking the January LSAT may delay the review of my file and hurt me in the long run. I'd rather have a lower LSAT average total and have them consider me earlier as long as there is some upwards progression. I guess my concern is not the lSAT average itself but the fact that I will be taking it so many times. As long as schools won't look at me unfavourably for this reason, I'm going to give it my best shot in November. If November is enough for admission at Queen's, Ottawa, etc. that's great, I will do one last push in January to see if I can get into UBC/McGill.
  3. I did not. I have applied more broadly this year including Ottawa. If I can score even a few points higher in November I will be happy. I'm just wondering if it looks really bad to take the LSAT 4 times in case I want to re-take in January.
  4. 3.4 GPA. 3.7 B2 I applied pretty much everywhere in Ontario except for Windsor/Ryerson/Lakehead. have also applied to UBC and McGill. I applied last year (only to 3 schools and with a far worse application) and I was wait listed at Queen's. I know I need a better LSAT. My current stats are not going to cut it. The question is just when. I'm thinking I should really push myself. I do feel much better about the LSAT, but it's discouraging after so much studying to see low PT scores. This may be because I have not done timed tests for a while though, and I'm getting back into it now.
  5. How bad is it to write the LSAT in January? I already have two scores on file: 158 and 159. I've been studying, but working full time makes it hard. After going through the entire 7sage curriculum and several weeks of drills I just did a PT and scored at 158. This is do or die for me. I don't want to write the LSAT 4 times, so I have to choose between November and January. Is January too late?
  6. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    I I really wish I had taken a screenshot but in the moment I was so flustered I was trying to get it through the system. An update... OLSAS did not help however almost all Ontario schools granted me an extension on Monday. Lesson learned. I did not expect this outcome, and I am very grateful.
  7. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    On Saturday morning I submitted late request forms to all Ontario schools. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  8. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    3.4 gpa and 159 lsat, retaking lsat in November 2019 after a year of study. I really benefit from schools that look at B2 or drop grades. Again, just sad no one will see my references / ps which I was quite proud of ..
  9. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    Thanks but I really do want to stay close to home unless I have some exceptional school accepting me elsewhere. I have a job and a life here. I just don’t know whether to push or let it go.. sorry it’s not your responsibility to go through this with me
  10. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    I have applied to McGill, going to do UBC and if my new lsat score permits, the US but I don’t think I will get into any of these schools. I think my references / profile are really good but my stats are just mediocre hence why I thought I would have a shot at Ottawa, Queens (where I was waitlisted last year)... these are the kinds of Ontario schools where I could actually be competitive
  11. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    I don’t know if I should go ahead and submit a late application request to the schools or wait to see if OLSAS can resolve. Part of me wants them to now ASAP and not delay because my application is truly complete
  12. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    OLSAS would take me to an error page even though it wasn’t yet 11:59. I did not submit. Don’t tell me about perspective
  13. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    I truly feel sick
  14. Husns

    OLSAS rn

    Do you know if the system is even capable of reopening ? Every experience I have has won OLSAS has been stressful I know they’d rather have one less application and that so many people will be calling them on Monday. I just wanted my application to be perfect
  15. You will blame me for submitting close to the deadline but my OLSAS closed all apps at around 11:55-11:57pm. I went in to fix one small mistake and could not return to the review and submit page. I will not be attending law school as I am already 2 years out of undergrad. Months of hard work, studying, good references and killing myself for this all lost. I will never forget what this kind of diasapontment feels like. I don’t know how to go on
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