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  1. From their website: What do "items outstanding", and "ready for review" mean on Minerva? "Items outstanding" means that your file is incomplete. You are responsible for verifying which documents are missing. The Admissions office will update the status of your application as and when each document is received. "Ready for review" means that your file is complete and ready for review. The status of your application will remain "Ready for review" until a final decision is made by the Assistant Dean.
  2. No no, it is being reviewed don't worry
  3. Congrats on your admission! Without going into detail, what was the focus of your PS?
  4. They don't take into account winter grades (and it would be unfair to applicants who have already been rejected). Beyond CEGEP, you have to upload your transcripts yourself.
  5. I applied as a Uni student since I'm still enrolled in undergrad studies, though I forget if Uni and Mature were lumped in the same category when applying
  6. Did you have to apply as a Mature candidate?
  7. I guess time is the price to pay to be looked at as an actual human and not just a bunch of numbers! At this point, no news is good news as they say!
  8. I guess I should give my own stats haha CGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 151 EC: Very strong; Club head, Varsity, Music, Charity, Spent half my time doing activities unrelated to my program LOR: Strong Personal statement: Pretty proud of it 100% Bilingual I know my grades are kind of sucky, but I'm confident with the rest of my profile. I also applied with extenuating circumstances which is probably also why this is taking so long
  9. I'm sure I am not alone in this situation and I am losing my mind! Support group for those still waiting for ANY kind of news! What are your stats? Why do you think you are still RFR?
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