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  1. I got my report requested with January as my only write!
  2. Checked this morning and it was requested ! I wrote this Jan
  3. Haven’t heard from them, and no report requested
  4. Congratulations!!! You must feel so amazing Just to clarify, this was Jan 2021 lsat?
  5. Thank you so much! I’m going to rewrite in April and see how that goes
  6. Unfortunately no and I’ve been kicking myself about it!!! I will rewrite again for sure
  7. Hey everyone. So it happened just like how everyone told me it would. Pting 170 constantly and sh!t the bed on my first lsat and received a 157. I have applied access at Western, Queens and Ottawa. I also applied to Ryerson. The reason for my access claim directly led me to wanting to get into law. I made sure to provide a lot of supporting detail. Without getting into detail, due to a ongoing family emergency, I wasn’t able to physically be at school often for more than a day a week for my first two years as I had unforeseen obligations. here are my stats: CGPA. 2.98 (explained in detail in my PS) B20: 3.75 L2: 3.65 LSAT 157 Thanks guys
  8. Hello all! I wrote my first ever lsat last Tuesday and applied to Ontario schools in October. Way back I emailed a few schools about how taking the Jan test as my first test would impact my probability of being accepted. I got differing answers from all schools. Some said that it’s better to have a score that you are comfortable with then write earlier and receive a lower score. Others said “we advise to take as early as possible”. so I guess my question is, are my chances significantly reduced? thanks!
  9. Hey everyone! I write tomorrow and made the stupid mistake of reading how some people found their LSAT that they took yesterday. While doing so, I realized people could talk about the exam online and give pointers that could possibly increase someone's chances (I'm not going to go into too much detail but essentially there is a certain question type). I was wondering if there are multiple different tests that are administered? Thank you
  10. I re-read it like three times even though my application isn't even complete (writing the lsat in the next few days)
  11. I am writing the LSAT next Tuesday (the 19th). I was just wondering if anyone has any advice they would want to share - either about the Flex itself or how I can make the most of this last week studying? Thank you so much!
  12. Hi everyone! I am currently debating whether I will write my LSAT here in my home or at my families home for certain reasons (I will quarantine of course if I do this and currently haven't left my house other than walks since mid December lol). So my question is: does anyone know what the internet speed should be at a minimum for proctor track? Thank you so much
  13. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say I agree with pretty much every aspect of every response. I completely understand the intention of this group, I just genuinely believe that we can all be nice no matter what information we are delivering. Just to reiterate, I understand that people will be blunt and realistic on this forum. I understand that this forum is extremely useful. Yes, I have had this account for only 9 months, and have only made a handful of posts, but part of that reason is because of the fact that I have been a lurker for YEARS and have been hesitant to post as I never know if I am unintentionally breaking a rule or acting "stupid" and have to deal with the backlash. Happy New Year everyone! P.s totally regret using the word toxic. Aggressive undertone would have been better.
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