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  1. Just a general question regarding promissory note in the province of Ontario. Long story short, my brother got into a sticky situation and needed some money. Essentially, I had to bail him out via a promissory whereby I was the sole borrower. Stupid me, I know. Anyways there is a section on promissory note stating "in the event that the principal or the interest or any portion thereof remains outstanding after the maturity date, the lender has the right to register a blanket mortgage on the borrower's house located at 123 Any St .... ". This was a rental property which I have sold 4 months ago. Furthermore, my wife and I are selling out matrimonial home whereby she is the only name on title and as sole mortgagor. I signed as consenting spouse and the payments are coming out of our joint account. My question is, can this lender put a lien on our matrimonial home that's under my spouses name only?
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