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  1. Thank you so much. I will try to find something before August. If I’m not lucky, I will probably have to go with LPP , As I have already wasted so much time, taking my sweet time becoming licensed. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much ! I’m relieved now.
  3. Thank you for your detailed and honest message. My experience , I did not even look for articles. I thought it would take a lot of time and yet no guarantee. So I decided to go with LPP. But I am considering looking for articles before LPP begins in August. Because I’m panicking I may not find a job post LPP. don’t know what do to
  4. Just wanted to see what you guys think about LPP vs articling?
  5. I would read all the materials provided by the law society. I don’t think relying on a summary would do.
  6. Why rewrite? If you are writing it in June maybe you should wait for the results to come out first 😛 do you know any other place to buy sample questions from other than OLE?
  7. Good luck. Where did you get the sample questions from may I ask?
  8. Who’s taking solicitor this November?
  9. Well at least you bubbled all. That probably gives you maybe half of what you randomly bubbled right answers. So I wouldn’t stress so much if I were you. You still did a way better job than people like me who missed to even randomly bubble. honestly I don’t think that will affect your employment chances. I know a guy who failed Barrister and Solicitor once, passed second time and got hired at a large successful firm.
  10. Hello Orches, by missing I meant I did not even get the chance to fill in the bubbles. I was so traumatized that I could not even talk to people after exam but I overheard some people saying that they could answer all questions and only were not sure if they missed any details in the questions... I felt so silly I thought I was the only person having had time issues
  11. Totally agree with you. Could not put it into words in any better way !
  12. Neither am I! I can’t even think of studying for solicitor ! I thought Barrister would be more interesting and also easier to pass and I was wrong. I don’t know how am I going to pass next one.
  13. I heard rumors that grading is kind of curved too. Thank you its good to know at least that they don’t except thousand students get 85%. but we dont really know we should wait and see. I guess the results will be out end of July sometime.
  14. I don’t know really. There’s nothing else I could do to better prepare I think. But yet I am very unhappy with how the exam went overall. Questions were super tricky and did not have enough time to look for answers. I don’t know how they will mark the exams I’m only hoping that majority will pass
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