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  1. Does anyone know which indices is the best for both Barrister and Solicitor licensing examinations? Which one to buy?
  2. I’m mot asking for any legal opinion! I’m only asking if you have heard of anyone firing an articling student? And whether you should be trained by your principal? I have checked the law society’s website. But just wanted to see what other students/lawyers have encountered.
  3. Hello guys, I just started articling about a month and half ago. I am hardly receiving any training. My principal gives me tons of file to work on. Most of the documents he wants me to work on is new to me. He does not instruct me on what I need to do or what he expects me to do! A months and a half into my articling, I kind of feel like he is trying to find excuses to fire me. There is no other student or assistant in his firm. Its just the two of us. Can principal fire you? And if yes, under what conditions? Will the period I worked in this firm be deducted from the 10 months I need to complete?
  4. Hello everyone, I am looking for study groups to prepare myself for Barrister exam in November. Please let me know if there is a website I can check for this. thank you
  5. Thank you so much. I will try to find something before August. If I’m not lucky, I will probably have to go with LPP , As I have already wasted so much time, taking my sweet time becoming licensed. Thanks
  6. Thank you so much ! I’m relieved now.
  7. Thank you for your detailed and honest message. My experience , I did not even look for articles. I thought it would take a lot of time and yet no guarantee. So I decided to go with LPP. But I am considering looking for articles before LPP begins in August. Because I’m panicking I may not find a job post LPP. don’t know what do to
  8. Just wanted to see what you guys think about LPP vs articling?
  9. I would read all the materials provided by the law society. I don’t think relying on a summary would do.
  10. Why rewrite? If you are writing it in June maybe you should wait for the results to come out first 😛 do you know any other place to buy sample questions from other than OLE?
  11. Good luck. Where did you get the sample questions from may I ask?
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