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  1. I have at least one law school classmate who went to a school in the US for undergrad. I don't know anything about what her application process was like but it didn't seem to me like having a US degree was a disadvantage for her.
  2. Dean Chamberlain sent out an email a while ago, saying that the law school's plans are the same as those Western announced here. This was before the lockdown, though.
  3. If what you mean by "better city" is that you'd like to eventually practice in London or the surrounding area, I'd go to Western. However if not I wouldn't let that be the deciding factor between the schools. You'll only spend three years in either Kingston or London, and both schools will give you a roughly equal chance of ending up in most markets besides their local ones. Queen's might be better if you'd like to end up in Ottawa though, because it's much closer than London is.
  4. 1Ls had most of their classes in person (socially distant, with masks), with the exception of Constitutional which was online for everyone. A few 1L small groups were entirely online for students who didn't feel comfortable being in person. 2Ls & 3Ls were entirely online, with the exception of one or two classes this term (I believe Trial Advocacy and another, can't think of which one). When the lockdown was announced everything that was in person has been switched to entirely online up to the end of exams. I believe the plan for next year is for everyone to follow the same model as 1Ls had (i.e., most classes in person but masked & socially distant, with a few completely online) so that 2Ls & 3Ls can be on campus in the fall, but that's subject to change depending on how things progress over the summer with vaccinations and case counts.
  5. Huh. I thought it would be weird to say "we'll let you know end of this week/beginning of next week" before the first of possibly several interviews but I guess I was wrong.
  6. Haven't heard anything either. I had just one interview - I know in previous years there were 2 or 3 rounds, but it sounded to me like this year they're just doing one round.
  7. Haven't heard from Aviva. Adding myself to the haven't heard from Singleton Reynolds pile as well.
  8. Not yet, but I think they said they'll be in touch at the end of this week or start of next week
  9. Thanks, I submitted it Tuesday morning
  10. Got an interview offer from Blaneys today
  11. It's very common to not have a law related job in 1L. It won't be held against you in the 2L or articling recruits. Many people just do something during 1L summer that they can talk about in an interview, whether it's a non-law job or volunteering (or pre-COVID, traveling).
  12. Loopstra Nixon (in Etobicoke)'s application deadline is March 7. Minden Gross is due March 12.
  13. I believe this is only the case for 1L IP jobs, 2L IP jobs follow the normal recruit schedule (not sure about articling).
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