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  1. Reason for my GPA is i have a few bad grades . I graduated last year.
  2. Sorry I've posted this in a few places but I want the most eyes on it. What Law schools do I have chances at? I applied last year late to UBC, UVIC, TRU, Manitoba, Sask, UofA. I didn't get accepted to any. Could this be because of applying Late (like last day for all, I was nervous)? Or do I just have no chance with those numbers?
  3. Hey there, I asked this in the UBC thread but i thought i would ask it here too... do you think i have a shot? how good does my LSAT need to be to have a realistic shot?
  4. I called admissions and this is the number they gave me but I don't know how they got that as my GPA was in the mid to high 3's
  5. my GPA is low and my Lsat is average how likely will I be accepted? assuming I won't be accepted...How high does my Lsat need to be to make it close?
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