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  1. Hello, I just wrote my diagnostic test for the lsat and I am feeling a little discouraged. I scored a 151 under timed conditions and I guessed on 15ish questions because of the time restraint. A lot of people I have spoken to say that most people only improve a couple points on average even with studying. My goal is to score somewhere in the mid to high 160s. Is this feasible? I plan to study 20-25hrs per week before writing the lsat in September; is this enough or should I try for more revision time? -Brett
  2. Hello everyone, I need some advice. l an currently entering my 4th year of undergrad and have an 88% average and am currently scoring 158 on the lsat which I plan to write in September. I am hoping on increasing my lsat score to the 165-170 range as I will require to scholarships to avoid having to take out loans for law school. Currently I have no debt and will graduate with a an economics degree and around 30k in the bank heading into law school in 2020. I know 30k is a lot of money, but if I get into UBC (my top choice) I estimate my annual expenses with tuition and everything to be around 40k per year. I have a couple questions: 1. How much can one work during law school without it affecting grades? 2. What types of jobs should one aim for in the summers between school? 3. What options does one have to finance a law degree (Provincial loans, federal loans, bank loans etc? I have never borrowed money before so all of this is new to me). 4. From personal experience what is the best way to pay for law school? 5. What is a manageable amount of debt to graduate with? (I plan on going the corporate law route). Even though I have had to pay my own way through school I have always had enough to cover all of my expenses and save some money. The thought of going into debt is kind of freaking me out. Answers or insights to any of the above questions will be greatly appreciated. -Brett.
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