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  1. I’m sure it’s been debating at nauseam on this thread. Majority of the people I will imagine be elitist and shit on LPP. My understanding from my profs when I was in law school was that there is a risk it may create a two tier system - those who couldn’t and those who could land articling. When I was applying for articling, principals I would encounter had a similar impression. Although the students may have a good experience, there’s an inadvertent two tier system created. There’s also a concern that you’re not getting the same experience as you would doing 10 months of articling. Now that I’m practising I can’t say I’ve encountered lawyers from LPP. However, I can also assure you that articling wasn’t some make it or break it experience. It’s 10 months of saying yes and keeping your nose down. The real experience you get is from actually running your own files. Also the industry has to adapt given the articling crisis. I’m not sure what the answer is, but that’s the general consensus from my perspective.
  2. Right and you’ve just nailed the problem on its head. It’s immediately shutting down the ideas of others as being wrong or terrible or backward and that x knows best. That’s what I’m seeing per your comment and the comment of others on this thread and this site in general. You’ll notice how I offered my own experience, suggested the idea of OP and offered an analysis as to its merits, rather than automatically shitting on him.
  3. I review my old Civil Procedure notes from time to time as a general refresher on the rules. I find it helps to keep my memory fresh, however, if I have a live issue to research I’d go to the rules directly, then secondary sources and so forth. Old notes can help in a general sense as a refresher and help point you in the right direction, but obviously look to more modern relevant sources when working on a file. Ignore the arrogance on this thread - there’s a lot of it. Tune them out and do what’s best for you and your clients.
  4. If you were the groom I’d say stay away. It’s the brides day. Just make sure you’re happy with the food and music. As the bride it’s a totally different beast. Considering getting a wedding planner who will help you throughout the process, be there the day of, help with the negotiations and so forth.
  5. Remember, each question is worth the same amount. If after reading it for a couple seconds you get the impression you don’t know the answer, skip it and come back. Get all the “easier” questions knocked out of the way so you have time to get back to the tougher ones. If you’re struggling on a question for more than 1.5 mins (or whatever the timing works out to) circle anything and move on.
  6. Nobody knows but expect the same thing. No actual PR section, just PR thrown into a question. The rule of thumb is pick the least aggressive answer as possible. If there’s an option to consult with client first and confirm instructions, there’s a good chance that’s the answer. Also have the CPD section tabbed in the By-Laws there’s always a question about that.
  7. Windsor is like a smaller London/Waterloo. There’s a student area and a downtown area with decent bar/restaurant scene. Just depends on what you’re looking for. As you don’t have a car it might be a good idea to stay close to campus. Tons of housing within walking distance just try Kijiji and look what’s nearby. There’s no grocery store within walking distance of the school so that’ll be an issue. If if you’re into the nightlife, Oulette is the Main Street. Try and get as close to the river as possible. Good luck!
  8. Get a good sense of what the going market rate is for new calls in your field is. Put together a proposal based on those figures + what you bring to the table. Be confident in what you’re asking and why you’re asking for it. Someone on this site started the following guide check it out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q0PlAak6NiOfRZDAREY2JmURN_ZjIxXXXHJiUdS67NE I’d also look into the Robert half legal salary guide. It’s not bad and has Canada specific info. Good luck!
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