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  1. Thank you, I appreciate the reply.
  2. Hi Everyone, I received an offer of admission and will be starting law school this September. I will be needing an LOC to finance my living expenses. When do most people apply for the LOC? Would March/April be too early to apply? Thank you
  3. Nope, I wrote the January LSAT.
  4. Got the offer today, will be accepting L2: 3.78 LSAT: 162
  5. Just got an offer L2: 3.78 LSAT: 162
  6. Thanks, I really appreciate it and hope so, it’s been a tough few years so this would really change my life
  7. Yeah that is my only write, thanks I really hope so. Any idea when I could hear back?
  8. hey First time ever making a thread like this, I understand many people dislike them. I just got my lsat score today so I’m curious about when I should hear back from UofA? (any insight from previous January writers would be helpful). my L20 is 3.78 and my lsat (one write) is 162. thanks, benzo
  9. Hey, Can any current uwo students chime in on the IPIT program? How are the opportunities afterwards? UWO is my top-choice mainly because of this stream so any comments from current students would be highly appreciated.
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