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  1. Hey yeah I was referring to the paid parking. Moving my car ever 3 hours in Sandy Hill would be too much of a hassle. Thanks for the recommendation re: Brooks. It'd be nice to live w/in walking distance condo prices near campus are mostly out of my price range so I think I've accepted the fact I'll have to commute in from somewhere in the East. Anyone have any experience with Blackburn Hamlet?
  2. Thanks pal. When I was driving around, I was thinking to myself, "how can these bridges and Nicholas St areas NOT be a cluster fudge in the mornings?"... Those spots seem ripe for bumper to bumper traffic during the morning commute. I was thinking that the Google Maps drive times might be underestimating as it says I can get to FTX Hall by 8:15am from places like Orleans and South Hull/Gat in like 25 mins-- it just doesn't seem like that'd be the norm with the way the city is set up. CaptainHolt, the U-Pass is included in our student fees (https://www.uottawa.ca/uottawacard/upass).
  3. Hello, Was wondering if someone could help me with some info re: commute times. I’m currently looking for housing and one of my considerations is getting to campus on time. I feel pretty familiar with the city’s different neighborhoods—I spent a week exploring and driving around specifically to get a handle on the vibe different areas; however, I did not have an opportunity to drive around during morning rush hour to test out commute times. I will be purchasing a home and I drive. I don’t mind a 20-25 min commute (from my door to foot in FTX). I like having space, so I’m not really looking at the newer 400 sqft jr bedroom style units closer to downtown proper nor having roommates. 1. What is the typical start time for classes? 9AM? Was having trouble finding a sample 1L timetable from previous years. 2. How accurate would you say the Google Maps estimated commute times are for both car and bus at it relates to Ottawa? 3. Does anyone have any experience with parking on campus? I know they have lots and am prepared to pay the fees, but has anyone run into issues finding parking? It would be annoying to have a reasonable commute time only to be ruined by driving around for another 10-15 mins looking for a spot. 4. I’ve done my research re: home ownership considerations and the market for QC (Hull/Gat) vs Ottawa. Based on my interest and lifestyle, I have no issue with living on the QC side provided I can find a middle to upper mid class area. But I am concerned about commuting in the morning over the bridges. If you’ve done the Hull or Gat to Ottawa commute, how long did it take you to get to class door-to-door in the morning? Any significant differences between snow months vs non-snow months? Same commute questions for anyone who has experience with living in Orleans. 5. Does anyone commute from Westboro area? I’m still considering housing in the Sandy Hill and West Overbrook area since those are walkable, but want to make sure I consider all options, including commuter and public transit areas. Thanks!
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