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  1. Congratulations! University of Ottawa is a fantastic school. It's hard getting a hold of any syllabus before classes start and I am not how much it will help your decision on whether or not to go to uOttawa. When I was in your position, I looked up profs on ratemyprof and I had a good idea of what to expect. You could also email profs if you're really interested.
  2. Just got a call from Treasury Board Secretariat.
  3. What happened to all of the MAG interviews?!
  4. Hey! I think the key is having a social justice background. I was doing social justice work since my first year of university, so that's about 7 years in the field. I wouldn't say I have stellar grades or a lot of experience in union side labour, but my background showed commitment to helping marginalized folks. I am still shocked at how many unions + labour firms are interested in me! Wish me luck
  5. My friend got a call from Goldblatt. I did not hear from Dewart Gleason.
  6. Did anyone hear from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Housing?
  7. When? ahhh so much anxiety, I really want to work there.
  8. It's going to be okay. I applied to over 40 places and only got 2 ITCs. You just need to seal the deal with one employer.
  9. I received an email around the same time you posted this but I did not hear back from them. Have you?
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