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  1. I got my 1L grades back recently. I ended up with a C, C, C+, C+, B, B, A-, A-. I had a pretty tough year (I had some mental health struggles) and even though I worked as hard as I could I’m not surprised by the grades. I’m not concerned about OCIs because I know I’m not competitive. I’m more worried about my future in law in general. I’m wondering how my bad grades will impact me and if they’re an indication that law school isn’t for me. I guess I’m looking for advice from other people who did poorly in 1L. Did you continue to struggle academically in upper years? And how did your below average grades impact you in job searching, articling, etc? I am hoping that getting to choose my own courses for next year will allow me to pick stuff I’m stronger and more interested in. For people in 2L and 3L, did you find you did better in courses more tailored to your interests? I’m feeling pretty discouraged and am unsure if I should stay in law school. I don’t want to give up but also don’t want to spend time trying to do something I can’t succeed at. I want to get as many perspectives and honest opinions as I can. I know nobody can tell me what I should do, but I’m thinking it could be helpful to hear from someone who’s been through a similar situation.
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