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  1. Hi everyone. I’m selling: 1. Powerscore LG bible - mostly unused, some writing in it 2. Mod Edit: Can't resell 7sage per terms of condition. 3. 2 lsat prep books 72-82 and 61-71 - mediocre condition 4. Princeton LSAT prep - brand new hard copy (I used an ebook but it was v helpful) 5. Mike Kim LSAT Trainer (I am selling a friends book) Everything I have proof of purchase (besides my friends book). I boosted my score 20+ pts like this. Please PM me for details. Have a great day and good luck studying! And don’t give up :))
  2. Personally I wouldn’t do the recent tests. I haven’t looked at 88 and highly doubt we’ll be seeing a game like that in a while. My list: Last games: 41, 42, 57, 62, 68 — either the last games or third. Something like that. Every game from the 20-30s is also worth doing. Even 1-20. As well, try PT A, B and C. Those have to be the hardest games I’ve ever done, I got like -6/-7 on the entire section. It was either 77 or 78 but the third game was a pattern game and it really threw me off. I don’t recommend any others from the 70s, they’re all incredibly easy (even 79 which has an unwarranted ‘tough’ reputation for no reason) unless maybe 73. And yes I did every LSAT (except 87, 88) lol. Best of luck on Monday
  3. What are confidence drills? I actually find skipping is my biggest issue, my natural tendency is to go for the harder questions (which is really a horrible thing on a point accumulation test), and i tend to get “stuck” on a question I already invested 2 minutes into. I usually cannot gauge if it is a question that is going to be very difficult or time consuming. I find it especially harder to skip questions on the actual test than in practice!
  4. Thank you! I've brought my score up a great deal by doing this (I could not even finish the test upon my diagnosis). I always needed to study harder than the average individual. Its hard, but not impossible! I think my main concern is that I would forget everything I learned. I also really want my score to be in the mid 160s range. Thank you! Do you find this is true even with the games? I was thinking I do 1 PT a week starting next week and then intermittent drilling. I find that even when I redo a test its like I never even saw it! This happened with PT 57. I couldn't recognize a single question the second time around. Not everyone has the financial means to hire a tutor. A tutor will also unlikely help my issue. But thanks anyways!
  5. Hello, I just wrote the November exam, and I think I am burnt out. I have been studying consistently since the beginning of June (I took 2 weekends off and did not study much on my summer 1-week vacation). Last month I was PTing 160-162ish and my BR score is over 170. I am using 7Sage. I have done nearly every single test, the first 40 2x - possibly more for some questions. I have i think 6-8 clean tests? I sat down to do a PT today (I took the day off yesterday) and i am finding it extremely difficult to focus. I was only able to do 5 games. I tried to do some LR but I feel like my brain is off & nothing is really entering my mind. I am afraid I am going to forget everything if I don’t keep going (like when you hold down CTR + Z), but I am really exhausted. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experience with me and what they did (if this happened to you)? I want to set a plan for the next month and retake in Jan! Please share if you don't mind Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  6. My number worked, just no one picked up. I was on hold for an hour yesterday. Try the toll free number, but be prepared to wait. You can also email them about your issue. Also, may want to consider lowering the volume just a tad since the music becomes really annoying.
  7. 7Sage is great for LG. Much better than they are for RC and LR in my opinion. In LG I got my score around -2 per game, on average, my worst score was -7 on PT 62. I didn’t take PT 88 (is September 88?) yet. Have you done the CC drills on 7Sage? I think you should. If you get a question wrong, after you BR it, then watch the solution video. You probably missed an inference. If you get it wrong, redo it a couple of weeks later. Keep redoing it until it’s perfect, until you understand the CC perfectly. Do the miscellaneous drills as well. Also, try not to “categorize” your games. Like I know 7Sage has in and out, sequencing etc. Just take it one game at the time. Judgment will come with time. Practice on the older exams too, those are lots harder than the more recent ones. Actually, the recent ones are very easy. What i also did was experiment on my own and use more use more visually appealing notations. Like I put a box around my letter when I know it’s locked, and if it’s a double layering sequencing game I’ll put circles around group one’s letters, and triangles around group 2s letters etc (like the one with the anthropologists and geologists — on my board I put in 1 circle and 1 triangle on teams one and two to remember I need one member of each group on each team — i hope I’m being clear, by the way) Also, if you need any solution for the games or help understanding one feel free to message me! I’m writing in two days and in November, so I’ll be studying until then
  8. I think your pacing is the problem. You seem to know now what you’re doing if your PTing close to 160. Think about it: are you rushing to get to all the questions? Maybe focus on getting 20-22, but doing them properly. Do you have test anxiety? Maybe you’re narrowing it down to 2 ACs and choosing the wrong one because you’re nervous. What tests are are you using to practice? Try to use 70+ and 50-53. I found I learned the most from the latter. Are you getting stuck on a question question instead of moving on? How much time are you spending on each question? Try filming yourself I think you can write again this November or December. I really believe you know what you’re doing, unless you’re not timing yourself properly. You need to learn how to write this test. I know it’s easier said than done. Either way, no rush. If you need more time then there is no shame in that I know you are capable! Anyways, this is my two cents based on my experience with this test. I agree, it’s frustrating. My stats are very similar to yours, I totally get what you’re going through.
  9. Bring them a box of Lindt. It’s like 10$ on Amazon. Print out instructions for the LoRs. Make it super clear. Say thank you in advance. Mine completely forgot, don’t check their email, and they’re always super busy, trust me this works haha
  10. Hey everyone, I wrote the optional essay for U of T (a meaningful intellectual experience on a class I took & did very well in, and work in). I wanted to know if anyone wanted to trade essays with me? I also wanted to know if we should/could write more than 1 essay? Thank you :))
  11. Super, they can confirm. Thank you, Ryn! I just hope they don't actually call and check (can't say my work will be very happy if they knew I was applying to law school) haha
  12. I don't even know my diagnostic. I think mine was around 140? I did so terribly, I didn't even bot grading it (think 6 right in one section? I didn't even grade the last two) I can honestly say that, untimed, I can score -3 to -6 in the LR, 0 to -3 in LG, and 0 to -10 in RC (really depends on the passage tbh -- I'm better with Econ and science ones). Every 2 weeks I can bump my PT score by 1 aha. Granted, it's taken me months, and while timed I am scoring similar to you (last test was 155, I wrote in July and scored 154). I will be doing another test soon. I honestly believe if you really put in the effort, you can and you WILL succeed. Also, redoing hard PTs and going over questions you got wrong months later helps and prevents your from "burning through" all the tests. I have gone through tests 1-50, and am redoing some of the 30s now. Make sure you really understand the reasoning behind why you got the answer wrong, each time that you do. You can DO it! Focus on timing, your weaknesses, and pacing yourself (not being careless when you read while timed). We also have the same goals! And I feel you on the undergrad thing. Good luck!
  13. Hi I am applying, and I noticed the spot for the "name" is mandatory I work at a very big firm, and I don't really have a "boss" (I have a manager in 'charge' of me, but she's been on sick leave for a while...). I am also going to be switching managers (and departments!), come January. Should I just put the HR manager? I wanted to know how this would impact my application and what I ought to do? Thank you
  14. Agreed ^ I really do not think a rewrite is necessary with a 163. Based on what Ive seen, a good score starts at 160. You also have a good GPA, so you do not need a higher score to 'make up for' that. But, if you really want to, you can rewrite, it is just not necessary. That is my opinion! Good luck with whatever you decide to do
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