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  1. Hey everyone, I wrote the optional essay for U of T (a meaningful intellectual experience on a class I took & did very well in, and work in). I wanted to know if anyone wanted to trade essays with me? I also wanted to know if we should/could write more than 1 essay? Thank you :))
  2. Super, they can confirm. Thank you, Ryn! I just hope they don't actually call and check (can't say my work will be very happy if they knew I was applying to law school) haha
  3. I don't even know my diagnostic. I think mine was around 140? I did so terribly, I didn't even bot grading it (think 6 right in one section? I didn't even grade the last two) I can honestly say that, untimed, I can score -3 to -6 in the LR, 0 to -3 in LG, and 0 to -10 in RC (really depends on the passage tbh -- I'm better with Econ and science ones). Every 2 weeks I can bump my PT score by 1 aha. Granted, it's taken me months, and while timed I am scoring similar to you (last test was 155, I wrote in July and scored 154). I will be doing another test soon. I honestly believe if you really put in the effort, you can and you WILL succeed. Also, redoing hard PTs and going over questions you got wrong months later helps and prevents your from "burning through" all the tests. I have gone through tests 1-50, and am redoing some of the 30s now. Make sure you really understand the reasoning behind why you got the answer wrong, each time that you do. You can DO it! Focus on timing, your weaknesses, and pacing yourself (not being careless when you read while timed). We also have the same goals! And I feel you on the undergrad thing. Good luck!
  4. Hi I am applying, and I noticed the spot for the "name" is mandatory I work at a very big firm, and I don't really have a "boss" (I have a manager in 'charge' of me, but she's been on sick leave for a while...). I am also going to be switching managers (and departments!), come January. Should I just put the HR manager? I wanted to know how this would impact my application and what I ought to do? Thank you
  5. Agreed ^ I really do not think a rewrite is necessary with a 163. Based on what Ive seen, a good score starts at 160. You also have a good GPA, so you do not need a higher score to 'make up for' that. But, if you really want to, you can rewrite, it is just not necessary. That is my opinion! Good luck with whatever you decide to do
  6. Do you think that keeping my score would harm me? I believe I can get my score up - I wrote before I was prepared, knowingly, but also feel like I may have "lucked out" because I was scoring lower on my PT's?
  7. Thank you! I am going to be retaking, possibly in October when I am better prepared. I know I need to bump my score by 10 points to get into U of T! So long as this score won't hurt me, I don't think I will be cancelling it!
  8. Bcomm, accounting major! I wish I had done economics or finance though
  9. Ok, this is what you should do (based on my opinion and experience with anxiety): 1. Keep your score IF you are not applying to a school that averages. You now have a backup score to fall back on, which will likely get you into at least one school. 2. Plan to take the test 2 times. Register 2 times. This will help calm you down during your first write, as it did for me. 3. If you are still super nervous during your first write, then tell yourself you will take the test a third time. 4. Take out a sheet of paper, stick it on your wall, and write down all the good things about yourself. What question types are you good at? What are your strengths? What great things will you do as a lawyer? I know this sounds dumb, but working on self-esteem is helpful in performing well. Good luck!
  10. Similar situation here! I scored 154 and am also debating to cancel or not. Do you know why you didn't perform as well as you could have? If its anxiety, then maybe keep your score. I find there is less pressure on me if I am planning to rewrite or if I have a 'backup' score (even if the backup score is not competitive). I was very chill on the day of the LSAT because I was using it as a 'benchmark' to see how I score and was planning to cancel. I think this helped me (since I tend to underperform when I am overwhelmed with anxiety -- don't get me wrong, I was still freaking out, but not to the point where I was dysfunctional lol) If you are different from me, and think that you can easily do better, then cancel it.
  11. Thanks for your input. Can I ask you which schools average scores? I think the main reason why I am not doing well on my PTs is because I am unjustly strict with scoring/timing (I seek to train myself so that on the actual exam I am not as pressed for time and I find the conditions 'easier') and my errors are disproportionately in the reading comp, are mostly attention-related (I had a much easier time focusing on the actual test, even though it was hard). I took a test yesterday and scored 155, and my LR is going up I am very confident (or pretending to be) that if I work very hard the next few months, I will perform better in September/October/November.
  12. I also would not cancel a 158! Just take it again, and knowing you have a reasonable "back up" would probably lessen the pressure and enable you to do better.
  13. Yeah, I realize that. I think with a 165 I would have a good shot. This is what I am aiming for. I was just not sure if I should cancel, since I tend to have terrible test anxiety, and knowing I have a meh score to back me up may help with my anxiety. Also, things can happen, you never know, you can be really sick the day of the test etc. I also love Toronto very much, and have wanted to live there my entire life, which is the only reason why I may prefer Ryerson to Ottawa. Also, it makes networking very easy (and I am certain that your network will give you your job, your clients etc.). Besides, someone has to be a part of the first graduating class! I am willing to try new things But U of T is no. 1 by a long shot. Thank you! I was actually scoring 152 before I wrote, I think I scored higher because I am a really tough grader on myself. Like if I guess when I am uncertain or do not get to an AC, I don't give myself the mark, and give myself -3 minutes from what I fully get on the test etc. Do you think if they saw progression in my score they would see it negatively or positively or neither?
  14. I feel like we are going to see more of these posts throughout the day! But, I just got my July score, and I don't know if I should cancel? GPA = 3.71, L2 = 3.78 (coming from a harder/more competitive program - only relevant for U of T I think) I am (thinking of) applying to: - U of T - Osgoode - UBC - Mcgill - Queens - Dalhousie - Ryerson - U of O This is in order of my preferences. I want to get into U of T. If I cancel, I get a free retake. However, I am very risk averse, and am not sure if cancelling would look worse than keeping my score? I am working very hard to get my score up because U of T is my first choice! I was scoring 152 consistently on my PTs before (I am a super hard grader and hard on myself) and have bad test anxiety and am know to mess up exams! I took a PT yesterday and got 155. I feel like a good score starts at 160. I am aiming to improve my score by 10 points. What would you do? Also please forgive me if this is not in the appropriate section!
  15. Honestly, I would not go for law school unless it was your dream job Law school was my lifelong dream, and I cannot live with myself if I do not go for it. This is the only reason why I am giving up my job, and I am making significantly less than you. Otherwise, I would continue working if I was even somewhat satisfied with my current job. I would do a bit more research if I were you, and really calculate your opportunity cost (as mentioned above). Consider the nature of the work, the hours, the income difference, time to study for the LSAT, and really think about whether you will be happier pursuing law. Do you want to do corporate law only for the income? Why did you not apply for law sooner after your undergrad? Your income may be capped in your current position, but remember that you don't work much overtime and you have sick benefits (if you are working for the government -- by "federal job" I am assuming this is the case). You can live very comfortably on your current income. I say only do it if it is really a dream/passion that you will seriously regret not pursuing.
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