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  1. BA History, minor in philosophy Law school was my ONLY plan, so I took what I was interested in. It was the only way I could guarantee I would do well and stay engaged (not a fan of the whole schooool thing, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get the life you want)
  2. Just want to add in: Law students interested in government work should look to municipalities in their area to get some early exposure and experience in this area. Not all municipalities hire law summer students, but lots do. I worked as a summer law student at an upper-tier municipality in Ontario for 2 years. This experience definitely got me through the door for fed articling interviews but I ultimately decided to sell my soul to the private world instead.
  3. Law school is exactly like high school. Classes are small, you see the same people all the time, and everyone kind of knows each others business. In 1L you are stuck with your small section and I think a lot of people make and maintain friendships in these groups out of convenience, but as 2L rolls around and your classmates get shuffled you start to wean out those that were obligatory friends and those that you actually enjoy hanging out with. I was young for my year so most of my friends were older than me, but we are still friends to this day. Just be friendly with everyone (even the snarky ones you don't want to be nice to) and ride the law school wave until you figure out who you jive best with.
  4. I am the exact same, I need to be busy. I went to Queens Law and I worked part-time all throughout undergrad and continued to work through law school as well. Honestly, if that's what you know and you function best at, why would you change that? I dialed back on my work hours in 2L because I wanted to participate in extra-curriculars and not go insane during recruitment but I was still working 2-3 shifts a week. In 3LOL I worked 3-4 shifts a week, mainly because I had a job lined up so readings became less important to me.
  5. I had my first big screw-up recently: (2nd year summer student) I was asked to create a table of evidence. My mistake is that I did not ask when this document was needed by. Typically I always ensure that I am aware of due dates, but for some reason I just did not ask on this file, nor was it ever explicitly communicated. Anyways, I fall ill one day and cannot possibly make it into work (picture the lovechild of the flu and food poisoning). All of the sudden I am receiving panicked phone calls from the lawyer I was working with because the table is part of the submissions due later that day. Another lawyer is asked to finish my work. The table was 90% complete, but I will never forget that heart-dropping feeling when you realize you've dropped the ball. Lesson learned: ALWAYS ask when a task is due.
  6. Wasn't the 30th the final day to hear about offers for interview?
  7. I heard that Hicks, Bayne Sellar, and Bell Baker have called to schedule interviews
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