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  1. Has anybody from Oz received an ITC or PFO from BLG?
  2. Thanks for the feedback/advice. Reassuring to know that I didn't completely undermine my OCI interview chances. I'll definitely reach out to the prof in the next week or so.
  3. Hi guys, longtime lurker, new member So, I'm from Oz and having just received grades I'm a little worried/unsure about my OCI prospects. My grades were: Torts: A+ Contracts: B Crim: B Constitutional: B Legal Process: B+ ELGC: B+ Property: B Elective: C+ My average comes out in the B+ range for Oz. I'm going to apply as broadly as possible in the upcoming Toronto recruit, but I was just wondering if anyone could provide some guidance as to my chances in the OCI process. I know it's not an exact science but any guidance or potentially reassuring advice would be really appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: Just curious as to interview chances, after that I know it's pretty much a crapshoot
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