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  1. Rejected may 28, but got email June 1. Cgpa: 3.31 L2: 3.68 LSAT: 158, 160
  2. The offer should be in your communications stating law approval! There’s no option to decline or accept on rams
  3. Rejected today via email, expected as much looking at my stats lol cgpa: 3.22, L2/B2: 3.44 LSAT: 156, 160
  4. Thanks again guys for all your input! Hopefully others can also find this thread useful, I am very grateful for all your advice! Windsor it is haha
  5. Yes I do realize that, I just meant that it brought up some other worries about Windsor in comparison besides the price point.
  6. Also where do I find more information? Both websites have limited information especially Ryerson.
  7. So reading this recent debate about Windsor Dual vs Ryerson has brought up good points for Ryerson and the not so good points about Windsor. LOL making me doubt myself again for leaning towards Windsor (Single). I did some research and from online research alone, Ryerson has basically selected course schedules for first and second years, whereas Windsor loosens up after first. Other than that, I know that Windsor has moot and clinical opportunities and Ryerson literally has nothing else listed online. Man I am getting confused by the day, and if Ryerson has a placement opportunity in 3L then am I better suited for an articling position there or Windsor? And I know you guys said that location is not everything, but I am trying to get summer internships in Toronto not Windsor, so is Ryerson therefore better? Sorry for a basic repeat, I have just found out that a few people my friends know are choosing Ryerson over say Queens even based on the location and that being the first alumni the university will work with them hard to make sure they are successful. So then wtf am I doing choosing Windsor over Ryerson? Lmao I will work very hard in either school but I want to come back to Toronto with a job. So I am really confused.
  8. Don’t count yourself out pls! I have way worse stats then you (3.4/3.44/160) and I got into ryerson! Idk how but I’m sure you will too
  9. Thank you so much for your information! It is really helpful and congrats on Osgoode! I would def go there if I got in but sadly it is unlikely. Very true, and I am definitely now heavily leaning on Windsor. Thanks!
  10. I really mean any job that will help me pay off my debts and if that means I am able to get a job in BigLaw then I would for sure take that opportunity (I know how hard it is but that would be my goal). But any job that would sustain my living in Toronto and paying off law school debt (which also depends on where I move during law school as Toronto is more expensive to live than Windsor would be).
  11. I think you are right in saying that Ryerson being in Toronto is a probably its biggest pull... I think the way they have presented themselves as an innovative school, being a part of history as its first graduating class, and an effort from the school to get its first batch of alumni to be as successful as possible are other factors. And this is the biggest con I think- the unknown. These are all predictions. I know that there is also a sort of looked down upon opinion towards Windsor that Ryerson seems to have these days as well, and while I don't really care too much, will this opinion hinder my chances at getting a job within Toronto in 3 years? I know its a hard comparison, but I appreciate all the comments so far.
  12. I got into both of these schools in the past week and saw no forum comparing the two. Now i know that Ryerson has no information bc class of 2023 would be the first, but it seems people have a lot of opinions and predictions anyway. And I think it's fair to compare the two. What do you guys think? My ultimate goal is to pursue civil law or human rights related matters, but once I graduate I would like a good paying job within Toronto to pay off debts of course. For more insight, I live on the outskirts of Toronto but I would most likely have to move out regardless as it'd take me over 1 hour to get to Ryerson. So, any opinions/thoughts? Where I would be more successful?
  13. Got in today! So excited my second offer ahhhh! cGPA- 3.21 L2/B2- 3.44 LSAT- 156, 160 Decent ECS, good personal statement and references imo referred I think in December, waitlisted Jan 29
  14. i got no email, but the offer is on OLSAS and in RAMMS communication since Feb 25, i just saw it today
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