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  1. oh great- I have to say after doing a whole year at Queen's now, I know nothing more about the Ottawa market then when I started
  2. You can apply after 1L and you don't have to take the GMAT, they just look at your LSAT. It's very expensive so have a good reason to do it.
  3. I had B,B,B,B+,B-,B- and was just going to take all of them but this thread had me second guessing myself..... Then again I am trying to go to Ottawa and not Toronto big law...........
  4. Has anyone saved the grade distribution excel doc that was previously on the Queen's Law website but was recently taken down? I had every intention to save it but waited too long i suppose. It's an excel doc and it has every class at queens law with how many As,Bs,Cs and Ds are given in each respective class. If you have it- I will be indebted to you forever!!
  5. By competitive advantage it seems that in the Toronto market firms take more Osgoode and U of T students than any other school- so I was wondering if Ottawa had a home advantage
  6. Does going to Queen’s provide a competitive advantage over Ottawa schools? The Toronto market is spoken a lot about at length around the law building but I don’t know if going to Queen’s makes someone competitive in the Ottawa market
  7. All apartments are pet friendly- its against the law for a landlord to deny you an apartment due to having a pet
  8. Does anyone know anything about the Oxford Intellectual Property law exchange (@ St. Peters College)? I saw it on a former UBC law student (now attorney)'s LinkedIn. I reached out but never heard from them. Potentially helpful information for my question: I go to Queen's. I couldn't find anything with a Google search.
  9. Hi! Okay so I know its only the second month of law school and i know it is HIGHLY unrealistic to get a job after the summer of first year (we really don't know anything yet) and i know the more important thing to do right now is to focus on my grades but I just got a bill and now i'm thinking about debt and paying it off.... Anyone have some sort of verbal ritual they say to themselves to rid this anxiety?
  10. BLG has made calls and Osler has made emails- check your email junk/spam folders
  11. I haven't heard anything! Waiting until Monday but not hopeful by any means.... I have a class at 8:30 on Tuesday and i'm wondering if I should save myself the embarrassment of telling my professors before class that i'm expecting a call (so i don't look rude).
  12. Thank you TheScientist101and TKNumber3 for your responses! Thats actually good news because I was really hoping to get exposure to both prosecution and litigation
  13. Professor Kerr allows laptops but prefers students not to use them Professor Lamp does not allow them Professor Pardy does not allow them
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