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  1. Hi! Okay so I know its only the second month of law school and i know it is HIGHLY unrealistic to get a job after the summer of first year (we really don't know anything yet) and i know the more important thing to do right now is to focus on my grades but I just got a bill and now i'm thinking about debt and paying it off.... Anyone have some sort of verbal ritual they say to themselves to rid this anxiety?
  2. BLG has made calls and Osler has made emails- check your email junk/spam folders
  3. I haven't heard anything! Waiting until Monday but not hopeful by any means.... I have a class at 8:30 on Tuesday and i'm wondering if I should save myself the embarrassment of telling my professors before class that i'm expecting a call (so i don't look rude).
  4. Thank you TheScientist101and TKNumber3 for your responses! Thats actually good news because I was really hoping to get exposure to both prosecution and litigation
  5. Professor Kerr allows laptops but prefers students not to use them Professor Lamp does not allow them Professor Pardy does not allow them
  6. Sorry to jump in here, but just to confirm- it's basically impossible to become a patent prosecutor if you don't have a Phd? I'm a JD candidate but only have my undergrad degree in science, I should probably forget about prosecution and focus on litigation? Thank you so much for your help in advance!
  7. Hello, I have just finished my first year of my Juris Doctor degree in Ontario after graduating from a Sciences degree (in Ontario). I have recently found a lot of interest in Intellectual property law regarding medical technologies and pharmaceuticals. However despite my undergraduate background and JD degree, I worry I will still come up unqualified for my desired career because I have no PhD in life sciences/medical sciences and many firms hire people that have these extensive backgrounds... my question is, does it make any sense to retroactively embark on a PhD for the sake of my desired career? Have you ever heard of anyone doing this? (if this information helps I have extensive research experience from undergrad) any advice is appreciated!!
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