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  1. Thanks everyone! I called admissions and was told I only need 1 writing sample on file.
  2. Hey everyone, I just got my UofT admissions package. The package indicated that my offer is conditional upon the completion of the LSAT writing portion. So my question is: I already have two LSAT writing samples on my file. However, I wrote the 2019 July LSAT and did not complete the writing portion. Do I need to complete it? Thanks!
  3. In! cGPA: 3.82 LSAT: 163 Most likely will be accepting and can’t wait to meet you all!
  4. Sorry I mis-typed my cGPA. My actual cGPA is 3.82
  5. After last semester my GPA have changed to: cGPA: 3.82 B3: 3.86 (i think? - still in 4rth year final semester) LSAT: 163
  6. In on Dec. 18th!!!! cGPA: 3.79 LSAT: 163
  7. Interested student here, Any resources that you all could recommend to better my grammatical abilities? Thanks!
  8. Chances of getting into UofT Law this cycle? Thanks! (OLSAS converted GPA)
  9. Just got one from Queen's as well. Now waiting on only Western and Osgoode.
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