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  1. 166 with only 38hrs of prep? Seems highly likely that you can score in the 170s with some more study time. I'd rewrite just to be on the safe side.
  2. Try using the SAM function (on OLSAS). They may be able to provide you with an answer to your question. Goodluck with your admissions cycle!
  3. Just write your current employer as your verifier. In the case that the schools DO contact your employer, just because you are applying/attending law school does not necessarily mean you are quitting to attend law school.
  4. Does anyone know how to find out which class will be the your small group class? thanks!
  5. No. Everyone else is in the same (or at least similar) circumstances as you. As such, even if they were more accommodating because of COVID-19, these accommodations would still apply to everyone thereby rendering them useless. In any case, goodluck on your admissions cycle.
  6. Interesting... You raise a good point. However, I think the simple 30+ point increase itself can help give you an answer to your hypothesis.
  7. how so? As far as I am aware, the predictive value of the LSAT rests with the end result of your score.
  8. I started out in the low 130s. After studying for about 5months, 4-5 hours each day (mostly over the summer), I was able to bring my score up into the mid 160s during practice tests. Eventually, on the real test, I scored a 163 and achieved admissions into my goal school. DO NOT believe the common notion that you can only raise your score roughly 10 points.
  9. Assuming you are an incoming 1L, your whole 1L schedule is created and determined by the faculty.
  10. You do realize that UofT and York are two of the most expensive law schools in Canada right? Maybe look into some other schools that are much cheaper in tuition and that are much less competitive in order to improve your odds of admissions.
  11. I feel the exact same way. Not sure whether I should seriously consider finding housing.
  12. UofT Law released some information on what students can expect this upcoming Fall 2020 semester. What do you all think? Announcement can be found here: https://www.law.utoronto.ca/jd-admits-covid-updates
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