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  1. Interested student here, Any resources that you all could recommend to better my grammatical abilities? Thanks!
  2. Chances of getting into UofT Law this cycle? Thanks! (OLSAS converted GPA)
  3. Just got one from Queen's as well. Now waiting on only Western and Osgoode.
  4. You need to convert your grades to the OLSAS scale in order to reach an accurate representation of your GPA.
  5. Honestly, you might have a decent shot at Ottawa. Goodluck!
  6. Hi everyone, So, I do not necessarily have a topic to write about for any of the following considerations: Equity, Work/Life Experience, Diversity, Performance Considerations. Would it be smart to leave this optional section unanswered seeing as whatever I conjure up may only hurt my application? Or is it still worth giving it a shot even though my response is not likely to carry great substance? Thanks for any and all responses!
  7. Hi everyone, What do you all believe my chances would be of getting an acceptance to McGill? cGPA: 3.79 LSAT: 163 (Highest) Ontario resident and have little to no french speaking skills. Thanks!
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