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  1. Accepted June 24 (2019) cGPA: approx 4.1 L2: 4.2 LSAT: 148 Strong references, strong EC's, strong/valuable work experience - interviewed. Surprised (due to lsat) but very excited! Hope this gives some applicants who didn't score well some hope. Deadline to accept July 15, accepting offer. mod edit: hfxlawst has asked me to add that their second LSAT write was 154. -WJ
  2. Thank you for the link @realpseudonym - I missed that thread in my browsing. I appreciate your help
  3. Hi all, I am new to this forum but I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share some tips about the interviewing process at DAL. I've prepared on the "traditional" interview question front, but considering I am not from the city and do not know anyone else currently/past enrolled in the Schulich School, I'd love some insight into the types of questions the committee asks, general interview structure, tips, etc. Anything is appreciated! Also, big congratulations to all those accepted!!
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