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  1. I put down my former employers as verifiers. They were not contacted. But then again I don't think I had anything extraordinary on my ps that needed verification.
  2. No need for 1Ls to register for classes. It'll all be sorted out for you once school starts.
  3. Thank you everyone for your valuable input. Though I was relieved to hear that ECs may not be as important as I thought, it was only to the extent that they are not a must in finding a job. Your posts gave me a lot to think about, especially since I’ve always had a feeling I won’t fit into the big law setting. Really appreciate all your advice.
  4. Wow thank you so much for your replies. It is definitely a relief to hear.
  5. Hello all, During 1L I had no EC or volunteer experience. I don’t really have an excuse - I didn’t know what I was interested in, didn’t realize the importance of getting involved, wanted to focus on my grades, etc, but truthfully I just wanted to take it easy transitioning into a new environment. How much of a problem would this be in securing a 2L job/articles? Is this something I would need to prepare to talk about in interviews? How important is it that I start getting involved? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I can’t seem to find any clinic to volunteer at, and joining clubs seems to be difficult at the moment with the fall semester being online at my school. This brings me to a bigger and related issue: having finished 1L, I still can’t find an area of law that interests me. Among the courses I took, I was neither particularly drawn to nor repelled by any of them. I suppose being involved in clubs or volunteering would have helped me in that regard, but that just didn’t occur to me. I’ve read on numerous occasions on this forum about the importance of demonstrating one’s interest, which resonates with me, but I just don’t see how that would be possible for me at this point. I don't know what to do. The only thing I probably have going for me is my 1L grades, which is decent at B+ average, but not enough to compensate for lack of experience/demonstrated interest (if grades alone ever can). I do have quite a bit of work experience before law school, but nothing remotely law-related. For reference, I go to UVic and would like to practice in BC. This post ended up being longer than I had anticipated. Thanks for reading! I’d appreciate any input from the community.
  6. I applied in the regular categories. My stats were CGPA 3.7 before any drops and 167 LSAT. Hope this helps.
  7. I got into UBC, UVic, and U of A never having taken more than 4 courses per term. I'd say on average I took 3 courses per term. I did include an explanation in my PS though. Provided your stats are competitive you should be good.
  8. Uvic student here. Haven't received any such email. I am currently taking summer courses which are fully online. Haven't heard anything for the fall though. Maybe other students can chime in?
  9. We are still waiting. I wish they'd let us know soon...
  10. thank you all for your replies. I think I am going to switch things up and see how that works out.
  11. Hi all, 1L here. So far I have been doing all the assigned readings and my own case briefs for the cases that I read. I have been trying to refrain from relying on other people's summaries. Only a month or so in, but I'm finding it more and more difficult to keep this up. I don't have much time to do any other stuff. Besides doing house chores and going to the gym, my days are dedicated to going to class and well, doing the readings/case briefs. I notice that some of my classmates rely on previous outlines and summaries, and also keep hearing from 2Ls that you don't really have to all the readings. In other words, I'm tempted not to either. Do you think what I'm doing is not an effective method? I try to read everything mainly so that I would get used to reading law stuff. But sometimes I feel like it's just too much (especially on long weekends like this), but I also feel kind of guilty when I think about skipping the readings, that somehow I'd be missing out on something. I think that's why my case briefs end up being way too detailed, which I gather wouldn't be useful for exam purposes. Obviously we should all be doing what works for us, but I just wanted to hear from other students/graduates. How have you managed? What works for you? Happy Thanksgiving! Any advice appreciated.
  12. I don't have much to say in way of advice, but just wanted to share that I feel the same way. I don't go to the same school as you, but I am just like you in mine. I have hard time making friends, and can't participate in group discussions that well. I don't even think that my school is as 'cliquey' as you describe yours, but I somehow feel left out too. Though not too far, I had to move for my school too, and maybe that is a more significant factor than I would like to admit. But it's still early; hopefully things will get better as we learn to adjust. As for clicking with the material, I have trouble with that too. I'm trying to find out what works for me. Anyway, it's still early and I hope your experience gets better as you settle more into law school. Just wanted to relate to your post. Good luck!
  13. I had no ECs either (or ones worth mentioning at least) and i got into a few schools. You should be fine.
  14. Hello all, I've been approved for Scotiabank PSLOC, and they require confirmation of enrolment in order to release the funds. As of now I am not registered in any courses (as expected). The Uvic website says Uvic can start confirming enrolment 2 weeks before classes start. For those of you with similar experience, was this generally the case? Were you able to obtain the form online? If so, did you just have to email it to your rep? I'll be out of the country for the month of August, so it would be nice if I could take care of the process online. Any insight appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I'm looking to purchase a pair of dress shoes to go with my suit. I am completely new to this whole thing, so I searched around the web a bit, and it seems I should go with a pair of oxfords or derbies. I am very much drawn to the style of derbies over oxfords, but from what I've gathered oxfords are a more formal option? Since this will be my first pair, and likely my only one throughout law school, would it be better to start with oxfords? Or does it not matter at all to lawyers, and I should just follow my preference? Either way I am set on buying a simple black pair that I can wear with my charcoal suit (any suggestions welcome). The kind of shoes one wears is probably not a big deal, but I just want to get as much information as I can before making any purchase. Apologies if this has been asked already. Thank you!
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