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  1. I just declined Ottawa for Osgoode. Maybe that lucky spot will go to you. You seem to have a good chance. Goodluck!
  2. I can co sign this. Had my interview 2 weeks ago. I walked in very nervous but they were very welcoming. Just prepare as best as you can, every question asked was somewhere on this forum so I knew what I wanted to say to each question but I didn't stick to a script. Smile and be human! They are very relatable which I didn't believe until I actually met them.
  3. Just try not to stress about it. Windsor seems like a strange one, I was waitlisted months ago. I forgot about them and even forgot my log in. I've since been admitted to Ottawa and Osgoode. Also not writing about social justice would probably have no effect if they want to admit you, I wrote about that and was still placed on the waitlist. Just remain positive and hope for the best!
  4. I'm no newbie to Toronto since I live in Etobicoke but I'd rather be closer to school. Any ideas about the best place to live outside of Osgoode Chambers? I'd rather live with law students if I have to share accommodations. Side note: If anyone is looking for a roommate feel free to reach out to me and maybe we can look around together!
  5. I definitely think you should call since they've started pulling from the waitlist
  6. Keep your fingers crossed. I had my interview last week and received my acceptance this morning. They seem to be pulling from the waitlist so let's hope you hear something soon.
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