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  1. Yes - I just have a severe anxiety Disorder and want to Remain in Ontario. I wouldn't mind going, but I've lived in Southern Ontario all my life..... where are you from? Which schools did you apply to?
  2. Game over man. I'm already studying to re take the LSAT - trying to get my 157 (first and only take) up to a 160+ (using powerscore) , but I'm still worried. Don't want to do this crap for another year. I hope some miracle happens and I get in off wait list.
  3. I'm drunk and scared right now man. I can't deal with this shit right now. Lmao.
  4. Man, they mustve gotten way more applications than normal this year. Haven't had a second wave yet.
  5. I've been on the wait list since May 7th. I haven't heard anything. Compared to previous years at this time very few acceptances/rejections/wait lists. Maybe they're behind this year?
  6. I remember a bunch of us got wait listed on may 7th and 8th. has anyone who was wait listed in May heard anything? Are they just behind this year? Compared to previous years I don't see as much accepted/rejected.
  7. Guys, does the count begin AFTER July 2019? Since I took an LSAT in September 2018, and again in January 2019, do I now have two more attempts for 2019, and 5 more total? Or starting at July 2019 everyone's slate is wiped clean and we all start from zero? I wish they were more specific.
  8. I was wait-listed on May 7th. cGpa is 2.71 (Extenuating circumstances for health reasons, explained in PS and applied Windsors version of access with optional essay, attached medical documentation) L2/B2 full time years Gpa is 3.70 LSAT is a 157 on my only write (Had a panic attack on logic games section, usually score 162+ on prep tests, also attached medical documentation from psychiatrist). Horrible ECS (partially due to my condition effecting my ability to do so in the past) 3 years of full time work experience as a project coordinator, which I was promoted to from co-op student after getting bachelors (60+ hours a week, for three years after my university degree). Good personal statement, but I don't talk about "social Justice" like people here keep saying, was just very specific in talking about what I wanted to do as a career in law. One extremely glowing reference from a former professor, and a good/ok reference from former boss Still haven't heard anything.
  9. Sorry, She***. So, you've done both a Juris Doctor, an LLB (both the same degree according to you) a Masters degree in Law, a Doctorate in Law. Cool, I totally believe you. I'm sure 99% of the fucking degenerates on this forums aren't making shit up.
  10. I'm libertarian, I'm farther to the right than a conservative. YES, I'm sure someone saying they are a thing online makes them that thing. Impeccable logic,
  11. Don't listen to ProfReader, he's too busy studying Postmodernism, Marxism and White privilege studies.
  12. There are people with PhD.s in shit like Womens and gender studies! Theres PhD's in Ceramics!
  13. And this isn't a bad faith or sarcastic question. I'm genuinely asking. Do you think becoming a Lawyer or Physician looks worse, or carry's less career opportunities than getting a PhD. or masters? Why is it so much easier to get into a masters program than a JD and especially an MD program?
  14. Ok. Fine, you win. How about in terms of prestige? People can get masters and PhD.'s in anything. Do you think a Lawyer or Medical doctor is less prestigious than someone who has a PhD. in History for example?
  15. Ok man, if you say so. This sounds absolutely ridiculous.
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