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  1. I am certainly interested and happy to provide feedback - thank you!
  2. Yes it is possible. I have received an 81, 83, 80, and 86 in 4 different classes that I never went to. This was all contingent on having excellent CANs for each class. EDIT: I should say - going to class is usually always the best option. But it really depends. My mental health was in tatters so going to class was a waste of my time because I couldn't absorb anything. If you're able to go to class, you should go. That being said, if you find you're not getting much out of class, and grasping the material better by studying in your own way on your own time, it definitely can work. Find what works for you and don't let other people's routines mess up your vibe. Everybody's different.
  3. That's really awesome. As someone who came close recently and then struck out at in-firms, it's comforting to hear this. Was this boutique firm a place you reached out to on your own? If so, when is the appropriate time to start reaching out? i.e. is now the right time or too early for boutique firms to be considering summer students?
  4. Lol so I just got a confirmation email from Blaney's (I applied on Monday). Not sure what any of this means at this point! Just going with the flow.
  5. Good call on this thread. Haven’t heard anything either but word from another poster is that their friend has already been invited to an in firm.
  6. Damn the early bird really does get the worm! Any idea which firms specifically these were with?
  7. Only thing I've seen is that my application got marked as "Reviewed" on viRecruit by Weir Foulds on Friday. So in other words...nothing yet
  8. Wow, I am just baffled by the colossal lack of self awareness on display here by BQ in starting this thread. Baffled doesn’t actually do the feeling justice - I am straight up bamboozled. Imagine not even participating in this year's recruit, yet feeling the need to start a thread a few hours after students have been rejected by firms, students who have spent months in preparation, who have poured their blood sweat and tears into this recruit, and whose wounds are understandably still fresh - all because you want them to know that their recent failure was AKSHUALLY a failure at “the easiest recruit in the world”. That is absolutely astonishing… Bless your heart BQ. The internet never ceases to amaze me.
  9. I hear you man. That really fucking sucks. I got burned as well after being specifically told by a partner that everyone loved me and that I would “actually be a perfect fit with their team!” It stings. But Ryn is right - when there are a handful of equally amazing candidates for one coveted spot, someone has to get dinged. It’s shitty. The process certainly is broken in many ways. Maybe the people you interviewed with aren’t as senior as the other interviewers who lobbied for their candidates, and they couldn’t do anything about. Maybe if you interviewed with that other person, it would be a different outcome Who fucking knows. An A average from Osgoode and 20 OCIs? That’s insane. You are going to kill it at the articling recruit. I know my words can’t help now, but just know I feel your pain too and I agree it fucking sucks. I’m e-cheersing you right now with this beer.
  10. Is it really necessary to publicly pick on the person who is clearly most struggling during this process? I mean really, are you considering the effect that a comment like yours (multiplied by previous similar comments) will have on him, or are you just trying to score some pointless internet karma for an easy chirp? There’s no need to kick this person while they’re down. Newfoundland is obviously struggling with some anxiety issues, and if you can’t empathize with that enough to refrain from taking shots at him, I honesty feel sorry for you. That’s not cool. Newfoundland - I hope you use this opportunity to reflect on the importance of prioritizing your mental health, especially during stressful times. Life will always have stressful periods: whether it’s OCIs, in firms, studying for the bar, the articling job hunt, trying to become partner, starting a family, taking care of our parents as they age, etc. etc. The list honestly goes on forever, and expand/ to all of life not just law related stuff. No matter how good things seem on the surface, for anyone, it’s a fact of human life that we all will have to deal with anxiety inducing situations as we go through life. Our health, both physically and mentally, is the greatest asset and gift we have, and it’s important to take care of it. I hope you will reflect on that truth as a result of this experience. All of us, even the Bay Street big shots, take very serious steps to manage and control our mental health. It’s a healthy thing to do, and looking into your options in that regard is nothing but a good thing. We all do it. Please consider it. You’ll see with time that this Bay Street recruit is just one tiny sliver of the overall pie - there are many pathways to success for you, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Good luck to you and please feel free to DM me if you ever wanna talk more.
  11. So what actually happens tonight after 5PM? How late do firms go with their offers? I imagine with certain people turning down offers that firms thought were sure things, are a new wave of offers extended into later this week? I believe the deadline to accept is 24 hours - so is there usually activity of new offers after the initial rejections by some candidates?
  12. Hello darkness my old friend.... Well gang, after getting dinged last night and tossing and turning about it since then, I just want to say that for anyone else who doesn’t get the news they want, please don’t let it bring you down too badly. I was pretty pissed when I got the news, but I’ve finally made peace with it. There are some really incredible people on this forum who are 100% right when they say that this is only the very beginning of what is going to be a lifetime of great opportunities in our careers. We really are lucky to even be in law school, to have these opportunities now that we used to fantasize about when we were studying for the LSAT and wondering if we’d ever get accepted. If this isn’t the path that works out, it really is okay. There are tons and tons of opportunities still out there. Now, if anyone wants to drink away this day with me virtually, please feel free to join in.
  13. Thanks Uriel I really appreciate that
  14. I wouldn’t read too much into it either way. I think at this stage, hopefully you’ve given the best you could, and the best thing you can do is stay positive and be patient. Just a few more hours until you find out either way. Obviously I’m a little salty, because I felt the comment I received in particular was unusually specific and seemed like some kind of positive hint. But as others have said here, this is a lesson not to read too much into the fine details of emails or “signals”. Just do your best, stay positive, and hope for the best when the time comes tomorrow. Good luck to you tomorrow I hope you get some good news.
  15. Damn, just got the rejection email after being asked for a second interview, and completing it Tuesday afternoon. Had one of the partners even email me after the first interview on Monday to say that he thinks I’d be a fantastic fit with the rest of the team. Savage. It stings but, life will go on. Thanks to everybody for the help in this thread, it’s been fun sharing in the collective neuroticism together. Wishing everyone good luck tomorrow.
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