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  1. Okay I got a 146 on the Nov LSAT. My CGPA is 3.68 and L2 is 3.95. I don't know what my next step it, I'm writing in Jan. I Guess I'll take another year off... but maybe I'm not smart enough for ls.
  2. Hey guys, So after a long summer of confusion, I decided that I want to go to law school. I have not started studying for the lsat and plan on writing it in November and January. I have been doing some practice questions online and generally I get about half of them right. So I guess I am in the range of 150? Do you think that while working full time, I can get up to 157 minimum or 160 in 3-4 months? Maybe with 5 hours of study each day? My undergrad GPA is good 3.73 overall and 3.95 in my last/best two years. I have been struggling to get motivation to study for the LSAT after working so bloody hard in my l2 years of undergrad. I also what to know how long it took and how much studying per day for you guys to get at least a 160? Thank you.
  3. What is the point of canceling you LSAT score when a school like Queen's only takes your highest score? I am registered for the July LSAT because I want to get it over with and start studying for the GRE. But what happens if I score like a 140? Would that look bad on my record? Even if I got a 160 on a September retake? My L2 GPA is 3.95, so all I want is a 160. Thanks
  4. nvm according to this video you still get scrap paper
  5. How can I make notes when the LSAT is going digital? I would much rather be using paper.
  6. Thanks, guys! Now the choice is pretty obvious, I'll give it a shot in July! Best, calvinthelawyer
  7. Hey everyone, There are two possible times I can take the LSAT for fall 2020 admission: July 15th or September 21st. July 15th is really soon and I don't know if I should waste my money on a low score. So I think it makes sense to only write it once in September. I purchased the Magoosh LSAT prep course and the book of old tests. Do you think I should just study hard and gauge what my likely score will be through practice tests rather than rushing into the LSAT in July? I'm only applying to Queen's and my L2 is 3.95 Law school is my plan B so I think a 160 should be good... is that very doable with 4 months of daily practice? Thank you!
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