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  1. do you know which office this was? I interviewed with CLOC (Crown Law Office - Civil) and they said they were following the Law Society Guidelines. And I didn't get a call ..
  2. Has there been an email sent out about this? Or is it just speculation amongst students?
  3. I’m wondering the same thing - did anyone hear back yet?
  4. Congrats @Pascale thanks for sharing your stats. I unfortunately did not get in. Best of luck to you in the upcoming year!
  5. @ClaireL27 I just spoke with admissions on the phone. They said there has been a delay and will all be out by either tomorrow or next week 😭
  6. Thanks for everyone’s contribution to this thread and good luck! I hope everyone gets accepted and that we’ll get to meet in person at UBC.
  7. @whatislaw I actually just called them and they said the end of the month, but hopefully we'll find out next week! They also said the results will be sent via email and not by phone.
  8. @whatislaw I have a research-based EC - fairly standard. I don't expect it to be too big of a factor considering UBC doesn't have an allotted section to write EC's or take resumes as a part of the application process - this is just my opinion though. @Alterion That is a good point. I didn't take that into consideration. And I would imagine that in a school that avg B/B-, you would need at least a B/B-, but that may not be considered competitive as per Alterion's point about needing at least a B+ average for UBC's curve. Also, has anyone contacted admissions at all to see when we can expect the results by? The last time I spoke with them was about 3-weeks ago about the "second half of June". @ClaireL27
  9. Hi @whatislaw, I personally was not heavily involved. I have a couple of things that were mentioned in my personal statement and the reference letters briefly. But I would not say that I was too invovled in ECs. What does your ECs look like? And I am wondering the same thing with the GPA. Good luck to you as well!
  10. Yes, it is. Although the last time I spoke with them - about 3 weeks ago - they said they were aiming for the second half of June, but wasn’t a harsh deadline. So I’m expecting that it is very possible that there could be a delay. I know a few students that got accepted into law school off a waitlist in July-August, so I assume admissions are still busy during this time!
  11. @ClaireL27 Last time I emailed admissions, they said they’re expecting to have the results out by the second half of June. So far, my online application tracker still says “awaiting evaluation”
  12. Thanks @Mal and @Alterion for your inputs. I have somewhat of similar stats as Alterion. So fingers crossed we both get in! and Mal, when you say "strong law students" do you mean straight A's, dean's lists etc.?
  13. Hi, I'm looking for some insight about transferring to UBC. I've already sent in an application and would love to hear from successful transfer students with regard to your stats (GPA, LSAT), extracurriculars, and the compassionate grounds for application. I'd especially like to know what type of compassionate grounds are usually in favor of admission as a transfer student. Thanks!
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